Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

by Jillian Leslie on

Free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards! |

Want to keep your kids busy on Thanksgiving while they're waiting for dinner? How about printing out these free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards designed by Michelle at Printabelle, and playing a game of Thanksgiving bingo to keep everyone entertained (you might get some adults, too).

Download the free Thanksgiving Bingo printables here!

Free printable Thanksgiving bingo cards! |

All you do is print out the 10 cards and the instructions. Then call out items off the instruction sheet (in random order), and if the guests have that image or word on their cards, they cover it with a marker. Candy corn, candy pumpkins, or even pennies work great for markers.

The first one to cover an entire row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) yells "bingo" and you've got a winner!

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To learn more about Michelle and see all her printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.



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    I'm unable to print these. Please help.

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    click on "Download the free Thanksgiving bingo printable here" Then you'll sign in, I did under through facebook. Then you have to click on the "Download the free Thanksgiving bingo printable here" again and it comes upl.