Blueberry Mojito Recipe

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Blueberry Mojito Recipe |

I had a friend who went to Cuba, and when he got back, he threw a party and made everyone mojitos to celebrate! It was the first time I'd ever tried one and I loved the fresh mint and lime flavor. It tasted light, bright, and summery.

So check out this blueberry mojito recipe we're sharing. It's still got all the zestiness of a traditional mojito, with a lot more bold fruit. And doesn't the blueberry color look so vibrant? Wouldn't your guests love sipping on one of these on a hot summer night?

Blueberry Mojito Recipe |

Blueberry Mojito Recipe

  • Fresh mint
  • Limes
  • Blueberry Vodka
  • Sparkling water or Sprite
  • Wild blueberries (I like the frozen wild blueberries)
  • Crushed ice
  • Sugar
Blueberry Mojito Ingredients | CatchMyParty.comDirections:

Place 4­-6 mint leaves and 3-­4 lime quarters in the bottom of the mason jar glass. Using a cocktail muddler press down on the mint and limes to release the lime juice.

Blueberry Mojito Ingredients |

Add a scoop of crushed ice.

Depending on the size of your mason jar, add 1-­2 oz of blueberry vodka.

Add 1⁄8 - ­1⁄4 cup crushed wild blueberries.

Add another scoop of crushed ice.

Top the mojito with sparkling water or Sprite. The Sprite makes the mojito sweeter (this is how I love it!). If using the sparkling water make sure to add 2-­3 teaspoons of sugar and stir to combine.

The mint and blueberries together are such a refreshing summer cocktail!

Blueberry Mojito Recipe |

Blueberry Mojito Recipe |

This delicious summer recipe was created by our craft and food contributor, Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine! To see more of Shauna's work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit them on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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