What I've Been Up To With My Cricut

by Jillian Leslie on

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was recently sent a Cricut Expression 2 by the nice folks at Cricut, and I've been busy.

I have to say, there is a learning curve to using your Cricut, so don't be surprised if it takes a little while to get the hang of it. That's what I discovered for myself, and is also why I recommend starting with some easy projects, like those found on the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 cartridge. (Perfect cartridge for party people, btw.)

Look what I created with it! I can't wait to use these favor boxes and paper tea cups at the small tea party I'm throwing for my daughter next month.

They were so simple to cut out and put together. Plus, my daughter likes pushing the buttons and pealing the paper off the cutting mat once the machine does its magic. She now thinks we're crafting wizzes!

To do this project, I also used the Cricut Craft Room, which is an online resource that's free, and allows you to see the entire library of Cricut images, as well as lay out your projects on your computer screen. I found it of hugely helpful and a much easier way to make adjustments to my designs.

I've also been looking at Cricut videos on YouTube and there are some super helpful ones out there.

Now the good part... This Friday we will be giving away a Cricut Expression 2 worth $299. So stay tuned for my post on Friday, and thank you kind people at Cricut!

Where will my Cricut adventure take me next?







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    crissy's crafts wrote:

    OMG!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Great job!!!

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    Pat wrote:

    wow! super cute. thanks for sharing.

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    Patricia Klein wrote:

    Very cute! I love everything to do with the boxes. I love making them. How do you get a chance to win the cricut expression?

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    amy aka Ms Paperlicious wrote:

    those tea cups are killing me. coolest thing of the day!

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    Adriana Magee wrote:

    Super adorable you did a great job

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    carol ann wrote:

    How do I get them to send me the Expression 2? I wanted a Cricut for 5 years and when I finally was able to get one the new Expression 2 came out. A day late and several dollars short. I really love my "old" Expression. We have made many things together and will continue until one of wears out. Oh, I think the new Tags, bags, boxes and more is simply adorable. I would love to add it to my collection.

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    Java Jen wrote:

    Thanks for posting some finished projects with this cartridge! I absolutely love this cartridge!! Love your blog too!! I pinned this post on Pinterest and your blog as well!

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    Hedster wrote:

    love the cuts! I have the original Tags, Bags cart --- need this too! You will find your Cricut indispensable for your parties now.

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    Jo wrote:

    I just got TBB2 and glad to see what you made from it

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    Rena wrote:

    can we use this cartridge of the original expression? or only on the expression 2. Or is there a comparable cartridge for the original expression.

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    Debra Shinabarger wrote:

    This is such a cool cartridge my Grandkids will be here soon from Tenn I would love to do all these bags and boxes with them!Thanks for a chance to win!

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    luanne P. wrote:

    these are gorgeous! i wish I had a budget for cricut.? hehehe

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    Penny B. wrote:

    can't wait to add this cartridge to my collection.

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    Donna Polley wrote:

    fun cartridge, love the cute ideas.

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    Vicki Keyzer wrote:

    I am having issues with my new TBBM 2, with the score lines not lining up with the cut lines. Any tips for me???? Thanks for the help.

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    Nelce wrote:

    Incríveis estes trabalhinhos... sou louca por uma cricut, pena que aqui no Brasil elas chegam muito caras... Mas parabéns pelos trabalhinhos ficaram muito lindos mesmo. bjo.

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    Carol Wiles wrote:

    I do card making and scrapbooking. I have always wated a Cricut expression that t akes the 12 X 12 paper for my scrapbooking but never seem to reach this goal

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    Sandra Tosto wrote:

    can you do a demo on how to assemble the recipe box from tags,bags,abdboxes 2