Washi Tape Embellished Paper Medallions {DIY}

by Jillian Leslie on

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Want to learn how to make these washi tape embellished paper medallions? I’m excited to introduce our new party crafts contributor, Virginie from That Cute Little Cake.  I have been a fan of Virginie’s parties for some time, so I’m glad she’s sharing her creativity here with us. Welcome, Virginie!

Today I have a very cute craft to share: these fantastic washi tape embellished paper medallions that would make an awesome party backdrop! Aren’t they gorgeous!?

They are very easy to make and the washi tape makes them so unique.



  • Paper  — I chose to use book pages
  • Washi tape in colours to match your party scheme
  • Border punch (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Glue gun


  1. Rip a few pages from a book and stick some washi tape on the nice edge of the pages (not the ripped edge)
  2. If using a puncher, punch the edge of the page over the washi tape. Punching will give a soft and delicate look to your finished medallions.
  3. Fold each page like an accordion
  4. Glue several pages together. I found I needed 5 pages to form a large medallions.
  5. Glue the top and bottom folds together so as to form a tube
  6. Gently push the center down with your finger and secure with hot glue. Hold until the glue has set.

paper fans-001 2

Now you can have as much fun as you want with these! By using several rows of tape you will get more colors. You may also want to create smaller medallion… Instead of using whole pages, cut them in half length way. The thinner the strip of paper you use, the smaller the medallion will be.

Have fun !


Thanks, Virginie, for adding such a cool new spin to paper fan medallions!  To learn more about Virginie, please visit her at That Cute Little Cake and on Facebook and Pinterest.



  • Rachel B

    Rachel B wrote:

    I tried this and the paper does not simply push down in fact it doesn't push down at all.

  • Y M

    Y M wrote:

    I love this!

  • Claudia V

    Claudia V wrote:

    LOVE this. It's so simple yet it looks beautiful and elegant. I will try this as soon as my paper supplies from www.lombard.com.au arrived. Thank you!