Vitamin Water Rainbow Popsicles

by Jillian Leslie on

Vitamin Water Rainbow Popsicles |

Child with Vitamin Water Rainbow Popsicle |

Do your kids love Vitamin Water? Mine do! So I thought I would make some delicious rainbow popsicles using their favorite Vitamin Water flavors.

Making homemade popsicles is a great way to reduce the sugar, dyes, and additives you find in many commercial popsicles. You can make these refreshing summer popsicles at home and even save a few bucks in the process!

Final Rainbow Popsicle |


  • Popsicle mold (you can also use Dixie cups and wooden popsicle sticks if you like)
  • Vitamin Water (we used Focus, Squeezed Lemonade, and Essential)
Making Vitamin Water Rainbow Popsicles |


Making these popsicles is a three-step process. I placed the darkest color at the top and worked my way down to the lightest, freezing each layer separately. The layers took about an hour each to freeze.

Vitamin Water Rainbow Popsicles |

Fill 1⁄3 of the popsicle mold with the darkest Vitamin Water. For me that was Focus. Place in freezer until the top freezes over.

Making Rainbow Popsicles |

Next fill another 1⁄3 of the popsicle mold with the second darkest flavor. For me that was Essential. Repeat freezing process.

Lastly, fill with the lightest flavor. For me that was Squeezed. Place the popsicle stick inside each one and freeze overnight.

Ombre Rainbow Popsicles |

My kids LOVED the taste and kept asking me to make more of the rainbow pops!

Child with Rainbow Popsicle |


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