Valentine's Day Love Shack DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Set aside those gingerbread houses and make way for this Valentine's Day Love shack DIY!

Valentine's Day Love Shack DIY |

This Valentine Day version of a traditional gingerbread house is such a clever activity for your kids, especially on a snowy cold day.

Follow the same design as you would with making a graham cracker house, just substitute holiday candy for Valentine's Day candy, and you’ll have yourself some love shacks!

Valentine's Day Love Shack DIY

What you need:
  • Graham Crackers (honey, cinnamon, or chocolate)
  • Frosting
  • Valentine's Day candy (We used gummy hearts, sweethearts, pink and red M&M’s and red and pink sprinkles)
Ingredients for Valentine's Day Love Shack|

Step 1: Using a serrated knife, trim the sides of two long pieces of graham cracker. Break one long graham cracker in half.

Valentine's Day Love Shack DIY |

Step 2: Using the frosting as your “glue," start to put your love shack together.

Valentine's Day house |

Valentine's Day house |

Step 3: Gently, decorate your house with frosting and Valentine's Day candy! And it's totally okay if you snack along the way:­)

My kids used frosting for the roof of the shack and added colorful red and pink sprinkles. It’s raining love!

We used a mini marshmallow and added a M&M's on top of the marshmallow with frosting to make a cute chimney.

Creating the Valentine's Day Love Shack |

Then we added a large heart gummy for the door and some sweethearts to frame the roof. This would make an awesome Valentine party activity.

Valentine's Day candy house DIY |

The kids had so much fun making these love shacks! Perfect food craft for kids of all ages. Valentine's Day candy house DIY |

Valentine's Day Love Shack |


Valentine's Day Love Shack DIY |


This fun DIY was created by our style and craft contributor, Shauna atElla and Annie Magazine! To see more of Shauna's work, check out Ella and Annie Magazine and visit them onFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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