TRENDS: Creative Uses for Donuts

by Jillian Leslie on

Donuts are definitely a dessert of choice these days, so I thought I'd highlight from our main site some of the creative ways people have used donuts at their parties...

Genevieve L's A Claralicious Event!

On top of a cake

Nicole A's DJ Dan Party

To decorate a turnstyle

Kristy's Donuts & Dragons Party

On a tree

Natalie S's {Love Rocks!} Rockin' the Valentine's Party Scene

On a straw

Amy H's Nolan's Paper Airlines First Birthday

As a control tower

Dawn S's Kachow! Cars Party

As spare tires

Natalie R's New Year's Bash for the Little Rascals

As a necklace

Amanda P's Star Wars Lego Party

As a Death Star

I want to see more! If you've found an interesting way to use donuts at your party, please send a photo to me at [email protected] so I can add it!



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    jess wrote:

    Those are so cool. Would like to see some photos of how to use donuts to create an entire cake. I'd like to bring something like that in to school for my son's birthday.

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    Genevieve Le Bel wrote:

    YAY!!! Great post!!! What a sweet surprise! TY so very much for including our donut cake!!! Superchick =)

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    Kendra @ My Insanity wrote:

    Not to toot my own horn--actually I'm totally tooting my own horn, but did you see how I used donuts in my son's b-day party? They were central to the design of the robot cake.

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    Not Just A Mommy! wrote:

    Thank you for a fabulous post and including us! Hmm...I wonder if this means cupcakes are so 2010? :)