Planning My Daughter's 4th Birthday - Cupcake Toppers From Two Sugar Babies

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm a big fan of edible cupcakes toppers. I've never even tasted fondant but I think fondant toppers add such a special touch to a party.

So for my daughter's birthday, I've vetoed cake. The logistics are just too hard. Trying to cut it and serve it to 60 hungry people in under five minutes... impossible. So cupcakes it is!

I approached Charynn from Two Sugar Babies about designing toppers for me. I've been a fan of Two Sugar Babies for sometime as I've ogled their stuff on Etsy.

I sent Charynn the custom mermaid designs Lindi from Love the Day created, and given my limited budget, here's what Charynn came up with. How sweet are these sea shell and starfish toppers? I couldn't be more delighted!

No one in our preschool has done fondant cupcake toppers before, so I'm excited to see the reaction! I'll keep you posted...

And thank you Charynn for creating such loveliness for Adelaine!



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    Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras wrote:

    Precious! They'll be an amazing addition to your party.

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    Candace wrote: will be fabu-lous! And don't worry...fondant is super kids always rip off the fondant of their cakes and eat the fondant but will leave half off the cake...:) It is their favorite! Your daughter will love it! :)

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    Kristin wrote:

    Great vendor choice! I used her for my sons Lego birthday party for Lego cupcake toppers! They were so cute! She does a great job!

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    Lindi wrote:

    Ahh! Amazing! Charynn is so talented. I just love these. I can't wait to see everything together!

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    Carli wrote:

    Sooo Cute

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    Sandra Downie wrote:


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    Fara wrote:

    I love that combination of colors! They are super Cute!

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    you guys are so sweet, thanks! and the party is going to be so adorable, i can't wait to see everything put together!