How to Host A Pinterest Party

by Jillian Leslie on

Here's a great idea for a girls night in... hosting a Pinterest party! It's a fun way to get friends together to eat, gab, and craft.

Who doesn't love Pinterest? And who doesn't pin crafts they'll probably never make? Well, here's a way to fix that!

So how do you throw a Pinterest party? Read on...


You and your friends create a group craft board on Pinterest, like these below, where everyone  adds pins of crafts they'd like to make.

You can do this part one of two ways...

OPTION 1 -- The host picks one or two simple crafts off of the group board and purchases the supplies so everyone can make them during the party.

OPTION 2 -- Each guest picks a craft off of the board she'd like to make, and brings enough supplies for 4 guests, including herself. Names are pulled out of a hat to decide which craft goes with which guest. By the end of the evening, every guest gets to make 4 crafts. **Remind your guests that the crafts they choose should not take more than a half hour to complete, or you'll be there all night. :)

Make the party a "Pinterest potluck" and asks your guest to bring a dish they found on Pinterest.


If the host is providing the craft supplies, I recommend each guest bring a bag filled with craft supplies and instructions for one craft. These bags are exchanged at the end of the night so everyone goes home with a new craft. Or if the host isn't providing the craft supplies for the party, I recommend the host pick a simple craft, buy supplies and wrap them up with instructions to send home with each guest .


Here's a simple craft I found on Pinterest (that I've just started), and that would make a perfect Pinterest party craft.

Using a Pebeo Porcelaine pen (they come in a bunch of colors), draw on a ceramic mug or plate with any design or text you'd like. Then bake for 30 minutes in a 300 degree oven, let cool, and the marker becomes permanent, even dishwasher safe.

If you throw a Pinterest party, please add it to our site. I'd love to show it off!

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