How Great is Post-It Note Art for a Party?

by Jillian Leslie on

Jenni B throws some wonderful parties. I'd describe them as "unique and edgy with a touch of whimsy."

I saw this Post-It Note piece she did as the backdrop to her Dynamic Duo Tie the Knot dessert table, and I had to write about it.  (A party to congratulate two friends on their marriage with a comic book theme and a Post-It Note backdrop. I told you she was creative.)

And as you can see, Post-It Note art is an unexpected way to add something different to your party.  It's inexpensive, colorful, and easy.  And how great would it be at your next work party?

I did some searching and found these Post-It Note art pieces for more inspiration.  All I can say is... insane.

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    Jenni wrote:

    Thank you for the wonderful blog post! I actually loved the post-it background so much that it is still up in my apartment... at least til the next party!

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    Carol wrote:

    I LOVE JenniB parties! Disclaimer: I am her mom. :)

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    Jill wrote:

    I love her parties too! ;)