Here's What's in Your Party Toolkits

by Jillian Leslie on

Now that I've shared what's in my party toolkit, I thought I'd compile a list of all the items you have in your party toolkits (thanks for all the comments) so everyone can see and maybe add to theirs.

3M Mounting Strips - Love these, have some. Must get more!

Hot glue gun - I have to admit, I've been a little afraid of them but it's been mentioned a bunch of times,  so I think I must get over my fear.

Glitter glue




Glue stick

Rotary fabric cutter/Pinking shears - Smart idea.

X-acto Knife

Silhouette Craft Cutting Tool - One day...

Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter - One day for this one, too...

Fishing line - I love how this makes things look like they're floating in space.

Clothes Pins - I absolutely need some, especially the mini ones.


Thumb tacks

Suction cup hooks

Tape measure

Tissue paper

Colorful card stock

Poster board/Cardboard

Acrylic paints

Paint brushes


Silk flowers

Wooden dowels

Circle cutter - For different sized circles.

This is quite an exhaustive list. I feel like I could tackle any party with these supplies. Thanks for all your ideas, let me know if I left anything off.

















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    Franchesca wrote:

    Love it! Definitely a great toolkit :)

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    Mariana wrote:

    this list is really nice - more like a dream list for me:)

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    Emily wrote:

    Blue painter's tape is a must-have for me! You can tape all kinds of things to your walls and not have to worry about it messing anything up. And it's cheaper than the 3M mounting strips (which are awesome).