FREE Back To School Printable from URinvited

by Jillian Leslie on

What a lovely back to school alphabet printables collection from Anne at URinvited! I love the way it makes the world seem so small and connected. So sweet…

The collection includes: party circles, a “back to school” banner, tented cards, welcome sign, thank you tags, cupcake wrappers, and lunchtime notes.

Download the free Back to School printables here!

Here’s the whole collection…

Here are my favorite files from the collection, like this welcome sign…

Party circles…


Cupcake wrappers…


Thank you, Anne, for such a delightful collection! To learn more about Anne and see all of her personalized invitations and printables, check her out on Facebook at URinvited.

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    Ms. M wrote:

    Excellent!! So cute! I have every intention of using parts of this at back to school night! Thank you for sharing!!

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    Glow With Us wrote:

    fun and cute collections of back to school printable supplies. Thanks for sharing!