DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member: How to Make Dessert Sushi

by Jillian Leslie on

Risa B made some fabulous-looking dessert sushi for her daughters Konechiwa Birthday. I of course was fascinated by it and had to ask Risa how she made it. She generously put together this easy tutorial, so thank you, Risa!

Dessert Sushi is SUPER EASY to make! Anyone can do it, and you don’t have to bake anything!

How to Make Nigirizushi (Hand-Formed Sushi)


  • Powder donuts (mini)
  • Juju Fish (They come in a multicolored pack, but I used just orange.)
  • Fruit Roll-ups




  • Cut the donuts in half, as to create a half circle
  • Set fish on top of the donuts
  • Cut Fruit Roll-up in 1/2 inch strips with scissors
  • Wrap fruit strip around fish and donuts

Easy Peasy & SUPER cute!!!

How to Make Makizushi (California Rolls)


  • Ho Hos
  • Gummy Worms



  • Cut Ho Hos in thirds
  • Cut gummies in 1 inch sections, then cut each section in thirds the long way
  • Stuff gummies in the middle of each Ho Ho

Dessert Sushi is  fun to do, and even something you can make with your kids. Plus the bright colors are sure to please any crowd every time!

Thank you, Risa, for this easy tutorial. Please take a look at the other photos from Risa’s Konechiwa Birthday. It’s a beautiful party. And to learn more about Risa, check out her blog, restlessrisa.

If you make some dessert sushi yourself for your next party, please send photos to [email protected] so I can show them off.


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    Rachel wrote:

    I've never seen this done with powdered donuts before- great idea! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.