DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member - How to Make a Ribbon Backdrop

by Jillian Leslie on

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Leanne A throws some of the most beautiful parties! Her latest one, Jade’s 13th Birthday Party, had such a gorgeous dessert table backdrop, that when I saw on Leanne’s blog, Mrs. A in the Cove, that she was putting together a tutorial, I asked if I could repost it. She so kindly said yes, so here it is…

For me one of the trickiest parts of putting a dessert table together is finding the correct backdrop.  A great backdrop can really make or break a table.

The idea for the backdrop originally came from my friend Jessica from Oscar and Ruby – I blogged about her yesterday and showed some pictures of how her backdrop looked. I used a slightly different method in how I put mine together and it was a great solution that really made the table look very glamorous.

Firstly I purchased a piece of dowel from my local hardware store.  My dowel was 19mm thick.  As my table was 1.8m long I had to get a piece that was 2.4m and cut it down to size.

Next I got together 5 or so different fabrics in coordinating colours.  Some of mine were the ones that Jess used in her backdrop and the rest were extra’s I picked up from spotlight.

The great thing about this backdrop was that the strips of fabric where quite vintage looking so just ripping them into strips worked a treat.  No being neat, no sewing.

Once I had all my strips of fabric ready I just went along and tied them to the dowel.

A piece of ribbon was used so I could hang it on a hook on the wall.


And the great thing about this backdrop is that you can easily change the fabric colours to suit another colour scheme.

Thank you, Leanne! Now I have to show off some of the amazing cupcakes you had at the party. Take a look at these…

Crazy, right?

Check out Leanne’s other gorgeous parties on our site, and please take a look at her blog, Mrs. A in the Cove, to learn more about Leanne and to read her party tips and ideas.




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    Kristin wrote:

    I love the backdrop idea. I am always looking for an easy way to make mine depending on where the table will be. I recently made a vintage Valentine backdrop for our Valentine tea if you would like to check it out. uner Valentines.

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    Veronica wrote:

    I love this. I am always looking for new ideas. I shared this on my blog

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    Carmen wrote:

    I love the backdrop idea...thanks for sharing !