Take a Look at the Coolest 14 Fortnite Party Invitations!

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Fortnite is a massive worldwide hit, especially with kids, that would love to play for hours on end if we’d let them!

If you’re planning a Fortnite birthday party and are at the stage of trying to look for the best party invitation, look no further.

We’ve rounded up the coolest Fortnite party invitations we could find to make the task a lot easier for you.

Hope we can help…

Collage of the Coolest 14 Fortnite Party Invitations!

We’ve found lots of different awesome Fortnite party invitations. Enjoy…

Take a Look at the Coolest Fortnite Party Invitations!

1: Fortnite Heroes Birthday Party Invitation

Starting off our list of cool Fortnite party invitations we have this colorful one.

Featuring various skins it’s a great way to get your guests in a party mood.

Fortnite Heroes Party Invitation

2: Fortnite Marshmello Birthday  Party Invitation

Marshmello is a popular electronic music producer and DJ who made Fortnite history by performing live at the 1st ever in-game concert.

As part of his collaboration with Fortnite, Marshmello is now a skin for players can purchase.

So if you’re child is a Marshmello fan this invitation is perfect for them!

Marshmallow Fortnite Party Invitation

3: Fortnite Soldier Party Invitation

Soldiers are one of four classes in Fortnite, known for carrying around and using heavy weapons, such as rocket launchers.

The design of this invitation is great. Check out the cool Fortnite dog tags!

Fortnite Soldier Party Invitation

4: Fortnite Battle Royale Party Invitation

This Fortnite Battle Royale invitation is an excellent choice for a Fortnite fan!

The design includes a bunch of the most popular Fortnite skins, such as Marshmello, Beef Boss and Dark Voyager.

Fortnite Battle Royale Party Invitation

5: Fortnite Clown Party Invitation

Peekaboo and Nite Nite are 2 Fornite clown skins that players love to use.

If your child is a clown fan then this invitation is going to put a massive smile on their face!

Fortnite Clown Party Invitation

6: Fortnite Battle Bus Party Invitation

Check out this fun Fortnite party invitation with a bunch of Fortnite’s most popular skins.

It’s so cool that the invitation picks up the battle bus reference!

Battle bus is a blue school bus that roams the air thanks to a giant hot air balloon as drops off players into the Fortnite island.

Fortnite Battle Bus Party Invitation

7: Fortnite Season 9 Birthday Party Invitation

Fortnite is made up of various seasons that change every couple of months. each one introducing a narrative and consequent changes such as a new battle pass and new skins.

This invitation is made up of season 9’s battle pass skins, such as Rox, Sentinel and Bunker Jonesy.

Fortnite Season 9 Party Invitation

8: Fortnite Lobby Birthday Party Invitation

In the Fortnite lobby, players wait for the game to start as other players are loading their own game and being spawned in.

I can’ think of a better way to invite guests to an epic Fortnite birthday party!


Fortnite Lobby Birthday Party Invitation

9: Fortnite Character Party Invitation

This fun Fortnite party invitation also has a bunch of fan-favorite skins and the text appears in what looks like a battle pass.

It’s a great Fortnite party invitation choice for anyone that loves to play Fortnite!


Fortnite Character Party Invitation

10: Fortnite Catalyst Birthday Party Invitation

Catalyst is the female version of the Drift skin from season 5. She made her 1st appearance in season X and is one of the more recent favorite skins.

This Catalyst invitation is a spot-on pick for some who loves the character.

Fortnite Catalyst Birthday Party Invitation

11: Fortnite Season X Birthday Party Invitation

Season X started during the summer of 2019 and is the latest Fortnite season available.

This awesome invitation features all the skins that became available when season X was released, such as Catalyst, X Lord and Sparkle Supreme.

Fortnite Season X Birthday Party Invitation

12: Fortnite Llama Pinata Birthday Party Invitation

Love this Fortnite party invitation designed around the loot llama, one of Fortnite’s primary mascots.

If you’re a loot llama fan look no further. You have to have this incredible party invitation.

Fortnite Loot Llama Birthday Party Invitation

13: Fortnite Pool Party Birthday Party Invitation

Although summer is almost over and kids are going back to school, if you’re thinking of hosting a Fortnite pool party you won’t want to miss this fantastic invitation.

It features Sun Tan Specialist, Sun Strider, and Bullseye and is a cool pick for an end of summer Fortnite party.

Fortnite Pool Party Invitation

14: Fortnite Avengers Birthday Party Invitation

The Fortnite Avengers crossover was so cool!

Marvel’s Avengers and Fortnite joined forces and created Fortnite Endgame.

A version where players got to battle it out against Thanos using Avengers powers.

This limited-time game mode became available when the  Avengers Endgame movie was released in April 2019.

Fortnite Avengers Birthday Party Invitation


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