Make a Custom 3D Printed Cookie Cutter with Cookie Caster

by Jillian Leslie on

Everything I read about 3D printing gets me more and more excited about the future. One day maybe we'll all get to 3D print our couches or even our cars!

I received a cookie cutter in the mail from Cookie Caster and when I realized that this is a company that makes custom cookie cutters by 3D printing them, I had to share.

You design the cookie cutter of your dreams using their site. You can upload an image you want to use, draw your cookie cutter freehand, or browse their gallery and choose from there. Then they print it out for you and send it in the mail.

A 3 inch cookie cutter costs $27 and a 4 inch cookie cutter costs $33. From browsing their gallery, I see people have created lots of animals, cartoon characters, letters, mascots, and logos.

They sent me a 3D printed star cookie cutter to try out. Here 's what it looks like.

Now if only they printed couches...


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  • Stephanie D

    Stephanie D wrote:

    Hey all, this 3D printed cookie cutter craze has gotten bigger every year and it seems more and more shops are doing it. Though, when I bought some, I was not comfortable for the use with food, even for a simple dough impression. I found several articles confirming my suspicions about 3D printed cutters and whether it be ABS or PLA o Nylon or whatever else they got, its no good. Even food safe filament gets contaminated when extruded through the nozzle. The nozzle must be stainless steel and must have a print bed that is food safe to make food safe stuff. I decided to make my own shop with some friends that utilize 3D printing and other techniques to make a food safe cutter. We only use 3D printing for testing and not for the final product. We are If you are going to use a 3D printed cutter, I would only only use it once and throw it away. Be healthy! YummyCutz