How To Make A Stormtrooper Marshmallow

by Jillian Leslie on

How To Make A Stormtrooper Marshmallow |

Do you have Star Wars fans in your house? I do. Both my husband and daughter are crazy about Star Wars and are anxiously awaiting Star Wars: Episode VII.

I created a fun Star Wars dessert table, which I'll be sharing in a future post (with free printables), but in this post I wanted to share how to make a Stormtrooper marshmallow. This is much easier to do than it looks.


Stormtrooper Marshmallow supplies |

Here's my video that shows you exactly how to draw the face.



Stormtrooper Marshmallow |

Stormtrooper Marshmallow |

How To Make A Stormtrooper Marshmallow |

If you make some, I'd love to see how yours turn out. Please email me a photo at jillian(at)catchmyparty(dot)com.

And for more Star Wars inspiration, check out these amazing Star Wars parties on our site! For another take on a marshmallow Stormtrooper, check out this post from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.


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