Finding Dory Party Ideas

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Finding Dory party ideas Including a Finding Dory dessert table |

We saw Finding Dory opening weekend, and our whole family loved it! The movie is funny, sweet, and touching, and the message about accepting people’s differences is so universal and important.

When Party City asked me to style a Finding Dory party I was happy to do it. I wanted to make the party simple, stylish, and fun.

To set the mood, I hung a large Dory party banner behind my dessert table and added pop-up Dory centerpieces.

Finding Dory Party Ideas |

Finding Dory Party Ideas |

As a special treat, I made homemade candy sushi.

Finding Dory Candy Sushi |

I shaped Rice Krispie Treats to look like rice balls, topped them with small Swedish fish, and wrapped them with black licorice wheels to look like nori (seaweed). My daughter and her friends thought these were super cute! Btw, this is the only kind of sushi my daughter will eat.

How To Make Candy Sushi |

Candy sushi - Finding Dory Party |

I put out large blue gumballs as an accent, and as an extra treat, I drizzled melted royal blue candy melts over microwave popcorn, then served them in cute Dory snack cups.

Finding Dory popcorn |

To add something salty, in a small plastic fish bowl, I put out Goldfish crackers.

Finding Dory Dessert Table |

I bought vanilla cupcakes at the grocery store, then added these cute Wilton Dory toppers.

Finding Dory Cupcake |

For drinks I served blue Gatorade and added blue striped paper straws.

Finding Dory Dessert Table |

I love how great the cupcakes looked with such little effort.

Finding Dory Party Ideas |

And for party favors, I made these tissue paper Dory and Nemo fish party favors.

Finding Dory Party Favors |

Here are some of the cute party favor toys I filled them with.

Finding Dory Party Favors |

At the end of the party, my daughter and friends loved ripping them open to get their loot!

Finding Dory Party Favors |

If you throw a Dory party please add it to our site so I can see what you do. Also, check out all that Party City has to offer. There’s no party like a Party City party!

This post is sponsored by Party City, but all opinions and ideas are mine!

For more inspiration, don’t miss this post I did where I share how I made Dory and Nemo cookies!

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    biz_kid1 wrote:

    We're going to the drive-in Sunday to watch this! I think we'll pack some blue Gatorade, goldfish crackers and make some blue popcorn to take with us! Thanks for the ideas! Very cute!