Fall Wine Glass Markers DIY

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Fall wine glass marker DIY | CatchMyParty.com

If you’re planning a fall party, check out this useful and pretty fall wine glass marker DIY Virginie, from That Cute Little Cake put together for us. Now everyone will know whose wine glass is whose. I’m always so grateful when a host has glass markers!

I love fall and it’s mainly due to the beautiful colors of the trees. It is a great time for a family gathering or simply for inviting friends around.

Fall wine glass marker DIY | CatchMyParty.com

Here is a little craft that will help at your next celebration: wine glass markers! But we might as well make them pretty and seasonal by adding a leaf embellishment.

Fall wine glass marker DIY | CatchMyParty.comSupplies:

  • Fake leaves
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Jewelry Pliers
  • Black paper
  • White pencil
  • 1″ Circle Punch
  • Scissors
  • Cocktail Pick
  • Hole punch


Fall wine glass marker DIY supplies | CatchMyParty.com


  • Start by creating the Monogram labels. Punch a 1″ circle in the black paper. Then use a little hole puncher to add a hole on the side. Finish by writing your guest’s initial with a white pencil.
  • Use the pliers to bend the wire and create a little spiral. Cut the wire, leaving a couple of inches of straight wire after the spiral.
  • Cut off a leaf and make a little hole near the stem using a cocktail stick or a skewer.
  • Insert the label and leaf on the wire.
  • Loop the straight part of the wire around the glass to attach.

Fall wine glass marker DIY Instructions  | CatchMyParty.com

And now you’ve created something useful and seasonal for your guests to enjoy.

Fall wine glass marker DIY | CatchMyParty.com


Thank you, Virginie, for sharing your creativity with us once again! To learn more about Virginie, please visit her at That Cute Little Cake and on Facebook and Pinterest.


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