18 Elegant Christmas Party Themes!

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Be sure to check out these 18 elegant Christmas party themes we have rounded up for you. The holiday season is fast approaching which means lots of fun Christmas parties with family and friends.

If you are planning a Christmas party in the next coming weeks, don't miss this post. I think you'll find lots of elegant Christmas inspiration!

18 Elegant Christmas Party Themes!

If you are stuck on a themed don't worry because we've got you covered with so many Christmas party themes that you'll be spoiled for choice! We've White Christmas parties, rustic parties, Nutcracker parties, and more...

18 Elegant Christmas Party Themes!

1: Traditional Christmas Parties

Getting together with loved ones for Christmas is one of the highlights of the year.

Make sure you decorate your Christmas tree, have delicious gingerbread cookies, and sing some Christmas carols.

Don't miss these fun traditional Christmas party supplies.

Traditional Christmas Parties

2: Gingerbread Christmas Parties

Throw a gingerbread-themed Christmas party and decorate it with pretty gingerbread houses.

Have a cookie exchange or create a cookie decorating activity to keep everyone entertained.

Treat your guests to our delicious chocolate gingerbread cupcakes!

Take a look at these cool gingerbread party supplies.

Gingerbread Christmas Parties

3: Rustic Christmas Parties

Spread some holiday cheer with a rustic Christmas party decorated with elegant floral decorations and a beautiful, must-have balloon garland.

It's a lovely way to have an elegant Christmas celebration.

Take a look at these cute rustic Christmas party supplies.

Rustic Christmas Parties

4: Vintage Christmas Parties

Sometimes a good old vintage-themed Christmas party with lots of vintage ornaments, decorations, Christmas music, and fun party games is all you need.

Make sure you decorate with as many Christmas lights as you can to give your party a magical vibe!

Don't miss these lovely vintage Christmas party supplies 

Vintage Christmas Parties

5: Nutcracker Christmas Parties

Add some elegance to your Christmas celebration by treating your guests to a Nutcracker-themed party, based on Tchaikovsky's famous ballet!

There's something so Christmassy about these traditional German Christmas decorations, that are given as keepsakes for Christmas to bring luck to the family and protect the home.

Nutcracker Christmas Parties

6: Hot Cocoa Christmas Parties

One of my favorite things at Christmas is the chance to get in from the cold and drink a delicious hot chocolate, preferably topped with freshly whipped cream.

Make this the theme of your Christmas party and create a hot cocoa bar to die for with a bunch of different toppings, and some cute Christmas mugs, that can double up as party favors.

Don't forget to serve an elegant chocolate cake and some tasty cookies.

Take a look at these great hot cocoa Christmas party supplies.

Hot Cocoa Christmas Parties

7: Candy-Themed Christmas Parties

Candy canes and Christmas go hand in hand, so treat your guests to a candy-themed party that everyone with a sweet tooth will love!

Decorate with foil candy cane balloons and red and white Christmas party decorations.

Don't miss these fun candy-themed Christmas party supplies.

Candy-Themed Christmas Parties

8: Winter Wonderland Christmas Parties

For a truly elegant Christmas party add a touch of snow and host a white Christmas party.

Decorate with snowflakes and a woodland vibe, with cute forest animals and Christmas trees.

Don't miss these fun winter wonderland party supplies.

Winter Wonderland Christmas Parties

9: The Grinch Parties

Jazz up a Grinch-themed Christmas party and make it an elegant bash by going all out and decorating your Christmas tree with Grinch-themed decorations, as you can see in the image below.

The Grinch is a much-loved Dr. Seuss Christmas story and a great theme for a Christmas party.

Take it to another level and throw a Grinch sleepover where all your guests can stay up late and chat the night away.

Don't miss these fantastic Grinch party supplies.

The Grinch Parties

10: Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties

If you and your family share the fun tradition of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters over the holidays how about throwing an ugly sweater Christmas party?

Spread Christmas enjoy and use our awesome ugly sweater party printables to decorate your Christmas party!

Don't miss these ugly sweater party supplies.

Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties

11: Elf on the Shelf Christmas Parties

It's that time of year again when Elf on the Shelf makes his appearance around the house in the build-up to Christmas.

If your kids love him then how about transforming Elf on the Shelf into a fun party theme for a Christmas party?

Decorate with as many elves as you get get your hands on, and even add a foil Elf on the Shelf to a balloon garland.

If you are looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our fab Elf on the Shelf party ideas and download our FREE printables to decorate your party!

Take a look at these wonderful 'Elf on the Shelf' party supplies.

Elf on the Shelf Christmas Parties

12: Christmas Train Parties

If your kids are really into trains then a great idea would be to throw them a Christmas train-themed party.

The ultimate train ride for any child would be a magical trip to the North Pole to visit Santa.

Treat your guests to their very own golden Polar Express Christmas party invitation ticket to get things rolling!

Check out these amazing Christmas train party supplies.

Christmas Train Parties

13: Reindeer Christmas Parties

No one can resist Rudolf the reindeer? Have him take center stage at your Christmas party by hosting a reindeer-themed party for the ages.

Treat everyone to a delightful reindeer cake by simply adding a few toppers, and be sure to download our FREE reindeer-themed Christmas party printables to decorate your party!

Take a look at these fabulous reindeer party supplies.

Reindeer Christmas Parties

14: Santa Christmas Parties

You can't have Christmas without Santa Claus so get festive so get in a festive mood by throwing a Santa-themed Christmas party.

Decorate it with loads of Santas and treat everyone to their very own Santa hat to wear at the party

If you are stuck on a party activity, how about having a secret Santa gift exchange?

Our Santa Claus cupcakes are a must-have at your Santa party, as are our easy Santa crackers!

Take a look at these cool Santa party supplies.

Santa Christmas Parties

15: Sleepover Christmas Parties

Get together with a small group of friends and treat everyone to a Christmas-themed sleepover.

Grab some red teepees and decorate them with fairy lights and you are pretty much good to go.

Add some cute Christmas-themed cushions and other party favors, and don't forget that large bucket of popcorn to snack on while watching your favorite Christmas movie.

Take a look at these fun Christmas sleepover party supplies.

Sleepover Christmas Parties

16: Snowman Christmas Parties

Another fun Christmas party theme is undoubtedly a snowman party!

It's a great excuse to serve snowman-themed party food, such as snowman marshmallow cupcakes and marshmallow snowman hot chocolate.

Don't miss these fun snowman party supplies.

17: Cookie Decorating Christmas Parties

Christmas is a lovely time of year to bake, especially Christmas cookies. There's something about the smell of gingerbread that instantly gets you in a festive mood.

Throw a Christmas cookie-decorating party where everyone gets the chance to make their own little batch of Christmas sweet treats. Be sure to have looks of different Christmas cookie cutters, toppings, sprinkles, and colored icing at hand.

Don't miss these fun Christmas cookie party supplies.

Cookie Decorating Christmas Parties

18: North Pole Christmas Parties

Last, but not least, our final Christmas-themed party suggestion for this festive season is a North Pole-themed party.

Take all your guests along on a magical trip to the North Pole by simply settings foot at your party.

Make sure there are lots of elves, reindeer, and most importantly Santa party decorations. Don't forget to add as much snow as you can too!

Don't miss these fun North Pole party supplies.

North Pole Christmas Parties

For more inspiration, check out all our amazing Christmas parties, and check out these Christmas party supplies from vendors with listings on Catch My Party!

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