Chinese New Year Party Ideas

by Jillian Leslie on

Chinese New Year |

Chinese New Year is approaching and it’s the Year of the Goat. The Goat is said to be peaceful, artistic, relaxed, but a little set in it’s ways.

So clean your houses in preparation, because today we’re sharing some beautiful and festive Chinese New Year party ideas to help you get you ready!

1. Chinese New Year food table

This beautiful spread features delicious foods which will bring good fortune throughout the coming year!

Chinese New Year Food Table |

2. Cherry blossom cupcakes

Cherry blossoms on cupcakes welcome the spring — and the Chinese New Year!

Cherry blossom cupcakes |

3. Table settings

I love these red, orange and gold place settings — perfect for celebrating the Chinese new year!

Chinese place settings |

4. Party favors

Gifting chocolate “money” in traditional red envelopes is a great way to welcome your guests to the New Year!

Chinese Party Favors |

5. Zodiac cupcakes

These yummy cupcakes celebrate the various Chinese zodiac animals with cute fondant toppers!

Zodiac cupcakes |

6. Chinese New Year centerpiece

You can add red and gold holiday decor, like these sparkly garlands, for your Chinese New Year celebration!

Chinese Centerpiece |

7. Fortune cookie cupcakes

Spraying fortune cookies with edible gold mist makes them into a perfect red velvet cupcake topper!

Fortune cookie cupcakes |

8. Oranges for luck

Oranges will bring special luck for the coming year! They are supposed to bring an abundance of happiness and prosperity.

Chinese oranges |

9. Backdrop

You can make your own special party table backdrop with black poster paints and a loose brush.

Chinese banner |

10. Chocolate-dipped fortune cookies

Dipping fortune cookies in chocolate is a simple and delicious treat!

Chocolate dipped fortune cookies |

Be sure to check out all the Chinese New Year parties on our site!


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