Check out the 32 Best Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas!

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If you are planning a graduation party for your little one today, we're sharing the 32 best preschool & kindergarten graduation party ideas!

Our babies are growing up so fast!

I'm such a believer in celebrating milestones, so make sure you don't miss all these awesome ideas so you can give your child a memorable graduation day.

We've got ideas for graduation cookies, treats, decorations, party favors, t-shirts, and we've got "last day of school" free printables for photo ops of the special day.

So without further ado, here are the...

32 Best Preschool & Kindergarten Graduation Party Ideas

1: Preschool Graduation Party Invitation

If you are throwing a graduation party for a preschooler, then you don't want to miss this fun chalkboard-like invitation.

Personalize it yourself directly in your web browser on, and once done, just print it out and you're good to go.

Preschool Graduation Party Invitation

2: Kindergarten Grad Party Invitation

If on the other hand, you are celebrating a kindergarten grad party, how about sending these colorful crayon party invitations out to family and friends?

There's nothing better than celebrating this fantastic milestone with those you love.

Kindergarten Grad Party Invitation

3: Virtual Kindergarten Graduation Invitation

Many kids have had lessons on Zoom this past year, so if you're still not comfortable throwing a live in-person party with social distant party foods, how about inviting your family and friends to your child's virtual kindergarten graduation?

Send them this fun and colorful digital invitation so that no one misses out on the big day!

Virtual Kindergarten Graduation Invitation

4: Kindergarten Drive-By Graduation Invitation

Many of you may rather opt for a drive-by celebration.

Organize a graduation parade and have your friends drive by while they beep, shout, honk, and wave.

Don't forget to decorate the front of your house with balloons, banners, and yard signs.

Kindergarten Drive-By Graduation Invitation

5: Pre-K Graduation Yard Sign

Decorate your front lawn with this cute chalkboard-like yard sign.

Let everyone know your little man or lady has made it through to kindergarten and let everyone join in the celebration.

Pre-K Graduation Yard Sign

6: Graduation Yard Sign

If instead, you have a little kindergarten graduate, then this yard sign is perfect for decorating the front of your house.

Personalize it with a photo of your happy grad!

Graduation Yard Sign

7: Drive-By Graduation Yard Sign

This next yard sign is specially designed for those having a graduation parade.

Place it out front so your guests, neighbors, and anyone that happens to drive by can join in the festivities and honk their horn!

Drive-By Graduation Yard Sign

8: Unicorn Graduation Yard Sign

Many of you have little girls that love everything unicorn, so how about treating them to a very special unicorn-themed kindergarten graduate yard sign.

You can bet your daughter is going to love it!

Unicorn Graduation Yard Sign

9: Graduation Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are a must-have at any party nowadays.

They are such a wonderful addition to your party and can be an absolute be a show stopper!

Just look at this pink one below that looks fabulous together with the beautiful pink floral wreath.

This is a great solution if you're having an ourdoor graduation this year.

Graduation Balloon Garland

10: Graduation Cake

If you're looking for a fun preschool or kindergarten graduation cake, you have got to check this one out!

This tiered cake has an awesome notebook bottom tier and a top chalkboard tier.

To finish off the cake it's topped with an apple and a graduation cap. Perfect!

Graduation Cake

11: Graduation Cookies

Cookies always look wonderful and these pink graduation cookies are no exception.

The mix of diploma, graduation cap, and heart sugar-coated cookies are stunning!

Graduation Cookies

12: Graduation Cupcakes

Everyone loves a cupcake and these school themed cupcakes are so much fun for a preschool or kindergarten graduation.

Each one is decorated with a school-inspired fondant topper.

They look fantastic set up on a plate on a dessert table!

Graduation Cupcakes

13: Graduation Cake Pops

For centuries apples and teachers have gone hand in hand which makes these apple cake pops so special.

They are an excellent choice for a graduation party!

Graduation Cake Pops

14: Easy Diploma Treats

I made these wonderful graduation diploma treats in five minutes using Hostess Ho Hos and Twizzlers Pull'n'Peel candy.

They are quick and easy to put together and look fantastic on a plate!

Easy Diploma Treats

15: Graduation Table Settings

Everything about these table settings are gorgeous.

From the ruler table runner to the apple plates, kids couldn't wish for a better table to sit at for a graduation party!

Graduation Table Settings

16: 'Smart Cookie's' Party Printables

These "smart cookie" themed party printables are so sweet and perfect for a child's graduation.

The design includes an adorable cookie with glasses and a graduation cap which couldn't be better suited.

Included in the printable pack are 2 backdrop signs (Size: 24x36), some bottle wraps, some circle tags, a party favor sign, and a regular sign.

'Smart Cookie's' Party Printables

17: The Places You'll Go Dr.Seuss Banner

The Dr. Seus quote "Oh, the places you'll go!" is infamous and spot-on for all graduates.

So, how about turning the quote into a banner and using it to decorate your graduation like the image below.

The Places You'll Go Dr. Seuss Banner

18: Graduation Chalkboard Poster

Decorate your graduation party with this fun chalkboard poster.

It's an awesome keepsake of your child's big day and milestone moment in their life.

Personalize your poster with details such as, favorite memories, what they wish to be when they grow up, age, and a bunch of favorite things.

It's a party decoration you can proudly hang up both at your party and on a bedroom wall.

Graduation Chalkboard Poster

19: School Supply Cake Centerpiece

You have got to take a look at this amazing school supply cake centerpiece!

Made up with a bunch of school supplies not only is it an incredible party decoration as you can open it up at the end of the party and let kids take stuff as a parting gift.

School Supply Cake Centerpiece

20: Graduation Party Decorations

Simple items in bright colors work great as party decorations.

I love the letters and the globe. They look so clever!

Graduation Party Decorations

21: 'Straight Outta Preschool' T-Shirt

I love cool graphic t-shirts and this "Straight Outta Preschool" one is a blast!

Inspired by the rap album and Hollywood movie Straight Outta Compton, this t-shirt is just what you need to dress your son in for his graduation.

'Straight Outta Preschool' T-Shirt

22: "Peace Out" T-Shirt

This "Peace Out" t-shirt is equally as cool as the previous t-shirt.

There's nothing better than finally coming to the end of a long school year and celebrating your accomplishment and the start of summer!

'Preschool Out' T-Shirt

23: Pretty Preschool Graduation Outfit for a Girl

Any little preschooler girl is gonna love to wear this for her graduation!

Talk about feeling special, this cute pink and gold tutu outfit is going to make her look like the star she is.

Pretty Preschool Graduation Outfit for a Girl

24: Little Miss Kinder Grad T-Shirt

If your little girl happens to be a kindergarten graduate then this "Miss Kinder Grad" is just what she needs!

It's not hard to imagine just how sweet she's gonna look. Doubles up as a great photo booth prop too.

Little Miss Kinder Grad T-Shirt

25: Masked Graduation T-shirt

Our kids are superheroes!

Wearing a mask isn't easy, even for us adults, so we really do have to applaud this generation of kids and admire how strong they've been this past year.

Mark this important milestone in their lives with this fun 'I survived Kindergarten Masked' t-shirt.

It's a wonderful keepsake and an awesome way to remember this crazy year.

Masked Graduation T-shirt

26:Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Certificate

Mark this fantastic accomplishment with a cute pre-kindergarten certificate.

All you have to do is print out the template and fill it in with your kid's details.


Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Certificate

27: Kindergarten Graduation Diploma

If your child is a little older and graduating from kindergarten then this diploma is just what you need!

Everything about this one is great! Love the adorable little owl on a stack of books.

Kindergarten Graduation Diploma

28: Free Last Day of School Printables

I use these end-of-school printables every year on my daughter's last day of school.

Pick out the graduation year you need. Print it out and have your son or daughter use it as a photo prop to mark the special occasion.

Free last day of school printables

29: Preschool Photo Booth Sign

Celebrate this important day with a memorable photo of your preschooler holding on to this "preschool graduate" sign.

Personalize it with your son or daughter's name and graduation date and you are good to go!

Preschool Photo Booth Sign

30: Printable Pre-K Photo Booth Props

Photo Booths are so much fun. I've never met anyone that doesn't love fooling around while having their photo taken, especially a child.

So, if you are thinking of creating a photo booth then these pre-k props are just what you need to commemorate this special day.

Pre-K Photo Booth Props


31: Kindergarten Photo Booth Props

Photos are what help us keep our memories alive so the more you take of your child's big day, the better.

Make your photos truly pop with this colorful photo booth frame.

You can bet the photos will look incredible!

Kindergarten Photo Booth Frame

32: Graduation Party Favor Labels

Add this fun graduation party favor label to a bag of candy and you'll be sending your guests home with a smile on their faces.

Just download the printable file, cut it out and assemble and you're done!

Graduation Party Favor Labels

For more graduation inspiration, check out these amazing graduation parties and free graduation party printables from our site! Wishing you a great end to your kids' school year!


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