TRENDS: Lego Parties on Catch My Party

by Jillian Leslie on

We have been seeing some fantastic Lego parties here at our Catch My Party. Because Legos create infinite possibilities, so do these parties. Plus this is a theme that works great for boys of all ages.

I’m featuring some of my favorite elements from these parties. Click on the link or party photo to see the party the photos came from.

Lisa M’s Lego Build a Birthday

Welcome sign

Legos as decor
Lego t-shirts

Mikie M’s Lego 5th Birthday

Lego chocolates
Make your own pizzas
Favor bags
Photo used for thank you cards

Stephanie S’s Lego Party

Dessert table
Birthday boy’s name spelled out in Legos
How about this cake?

Malu Boutique’s Albert’s 7th Birthday

Welcome sign
Lego character cupcake toppers
Lego sign
Lego cookies

Shelley K’s Lego Star Wars Birthday Party

Lego Star Wars cupcake toppers
Funny coffee cups

Melissa M’s Lego Party

Guest book
Personalized Lego aprons

Skye H’s JT’s 10th Birthday Party

Star Wars Lego signs

Pretty amazing and this isn’t all. Check out all the awesome Lego parties here at Catch My Party.



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    Madge wrote:

    What a brilliant idea for a party. Didn't even think about doing a lego cake til I saw your pics. Love it.

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    Steph wrote:

    U loved my sons lego party and wanted to share the blog with u I did on it feel free to check it out So many cute photos here thanks for the inspiration. Cheers

  • no photo

    Lisa wrote:

    What a fun surprise to see this post! Thank you! :) There are actually a lot of excellent ideas on this post.