{TRENDS} Ice Cream Desserts that Aren't Ice Cream!

by Jillian Leslie on

With summer approaching, I can't help but think of ice cream, so I was planning to write a post about the incredible ice cream socials on our site. But then I noticed how many treats people make that look like ice cream, but aren't actually ice cream.

I love anything clever and fun, especially when it comes to dessert, so here are my favorite "ice cream" desserts pulled from different parties on our site. (Click on the photo to see the party it's from.)

Pretty unbelievable...



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    melissa newell wrote:

    how awesome is this party! Thanks for sharing!

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    kim wrote:

    is there a place i can fine the out how to make some these. My granddaughter is turning 3 and she wants a ice cream birthday party and this would be awesome

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    partycraftsecrets wrote:

    wow! how funny, I just found your site & just blogged a fake ice cream treat for my kids! how funny! http://partycraftsecrets.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/fake-ice-cream-treats.html

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    Chloe Wilfred wrote:

    who says ice creams can't be part of the decoration because of the problem of melting? well there is proof now.