Sweets in Jars

by Jillian Leslie on

I'm obsessed with sweets in jars. It all started with my love of pies in jars and has branched out from there. Here are some of my favorite sweets in jars that would make great last minute gifts. Tell me these don't look delicious and... kinda cool.

Pie in a Jar by Meg's Creations

3-pack with your choice of pie flavors $15

Cupcake in a Jar by City Cupcakes

2 carrot cake cupcakes in a jar $6

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread in a Jar by All Jarred Up

8 oz. chocolate chip banana bread $6

Biscotti in a Jar by The Kim Kitch

Home-baked anise biscottiĀ $12

Cookies in a Jar by All Jarred Up

Chocolate cookies in a jar $6

French Toast Bread Pudding in a Jar by Nom Nom Sweets

4-pack of french toast bread pudding $16



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    Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras wrote:

    I'm completely in love with pie-in-a-jar. Especially the little 4oz jars. I want a freezer full of them so I can have pie any time I want! It's probably a good thing that I've never followed through on that desire. ;-)