Sterling Utimate Host Challenge 2: "Sterling Wine and Dessert Pairings"

by Jillian Leslie on

The second Sterling Vineyards Ultimate Host Challenge has just begun, and if you love pairing wine and desserts, this challenge is for you!

To enter, just invite friends, family, or a significant other over (all guests must be at least 21) for an evening of sweet treats and wines from Sterling's Napa Valley collection.

How creative and exciting can you make your pairings? What would you pair with an oaky Chardonnay or a robust Cab? I can't wait to see (yep, I'm one of the judges)...

Document what you do with video or photos and tell us all about it. The more mouth-watering and interesting the better...

And remember, the winners of each of the four contest rounds will be flown to NYC to compete in the finale, and the winner will receive $25,000 plus other great prizes, and be crowned Sterling's Ultimate Host!

Get pairing!! Contest 2 ends October 9th. Head to the Sterling Ultimate Host Facebook page for all the details.



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