Quick and Easy Printable Halloween Decorations

by Jillian Leslie on

We are definitely getting into the Halloween spirit at our house, so I wanted to find a fun project my daughter and I could do together yesterday.

I found these printable Halloween decorations on the HP site, printed them out, and my daughter and I went to town. They were super simple and I loved how they turned out.

Here’s what the file looked like on the HP site.

I printed out the files on HP Brochure and Flyer Paper and got out my scissors and glue stick.

I cut out all the pieces.

My daughter and I glued them together. Then using 28 gauge galvanized wire, we hung them on our wall using this spider webbing we bought at Target.

Didn’t they turn out cool? And what a perfect Sunday afternoon activity!



  • no photo

    Nathan P wrote:

    These are too cute!

  • Ms Peela T

    Ms Peela T wrote:

    these are awesome, unfortunately the HP site has been taken over by snapfish and it doesnt appear to have any of these available. Is there any chance you could actually post a link to a PDF document so that I can get these to use at work (Child Care Centre). Thank you :)