35 Gorgeous Girl First Birthday Gift Ideas!

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Celebrating a little girl’s first birthday is such a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience, that picking out the perfect gift can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

To help you out with rounded up 35 gorgeous first girl birthday gift ideas that you’ll love.

35 Gorgeous Girl First Birthday Gift Ideas!

We found ideas for the most amazing gifts such as the personalized wooden name puzzle, an adorable crochet bunny doll, a wonderful rainbow balance board, and many many more lovely ideas.

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The 35 Gorgeous Girl First Birthday Gift Ideas That You’ll Love!

1: Wooden Pull Toy Unicorn

Our first suggestion is a classic and timeless gift that all one-year-olds will absolutely love! A little wooden unicorn playmate for her to pull along and play with.

This gift is a wonderful addition to a little one’s toy collection.

Wooden Pull Toy Unicorn


2: Felt Quiet Book

This next gift is adorable! This customized quiet book is wonderful at stimulating tactile development through shapes, colors, and materials.

Each page is made up of different activities that engage a child’s mind while under ‘quiet’ time.


3: Polka Dot Beach Hat

Protect your little one when out and about in the sun, with this stylish pink polka dot hat with little ears.

They’ll look absolutely adorable!

Polka Dot Beach Hat

4: Wooden Rainbow Xylophone

This bright and colorful wooden xylophone is a wonderful first percussion musical instrument for a baby girl!

You can bet she’ll love nothing more than banging on cymbals with the sticks to make loud sounds.

Wooden Rainbow Xylophone

5: Book of You

Children grow up so quickly, which is why it’s so important to capture each and every precious moment and keep a record of all of those unforgettable memories.

This childhood journal spans from 1 to 16 years old and is delightful to fill in together. Both kids and grown-ups can add their own memories, drawings, photos, and mementos.

Book of You

6: Wooden Rainbow Balls in Cups

These vibrant colorful wooden rainbow balls and cups are inspired by the Montessori & Steiner Waldorf education movement.

They are a really cool open-ended toy, designed to encourage a child’s imagination and creativity through creative play, and are perfect for stimulating hand-eye coordination and motor skills, whilst also developing essential problem-solving skills too!

Wooden Rainbow Balls in Cups

7: My First Birthday Gold Woollen Crown

Every little princess needs a crown, so treat your little one to this gorgeous hand embroidered appliquéd Pom Pom crown.

This soft and comfortable crown is perfect for a 1st birthday photoshoot, it’s a wonderful keepsake

My First Birthday Gold Woollen Crown


8: Macrame Boho Name Sign

If you are looking for a gift that can be placed in a nursery and is a lovely keepsake you won’t want to miss these beautiful personalized boho macrame name signs.

Each name sign is handcrafted with premium friendly yard and high quality plywood.

Macrame Boho Name Sign

9: Lacing Bunny Toy

This next gift is both fun and educational.

Treat the birthday girl to a cute lacing bunny toy that will help her develop her motor skills, concentration, counting skills, and patience over time.

Lacing Bunny Toy

10: Fidget Buckle Board

You can bet this fidget buckle board will be a big hit with little girls. It comes with 10 different types of fasteners to help your toddler develop her fine motor skills.

It’s the perfect gift for travel because it is light weighted and can be easily transported.

Fidget Buckle Board

11: Root Vegetable Puzzle

This Montessori and Waldorf-inspired wooden puzzle is a fun way to learn how to identify root vegetables.

It’s never to soon to start learning what an onion, beet, radish, turnip, garlic and carrot is!

Root Vegetable Puzzle

12: Silicone Beach Toys

Kids love nothing more than a fun day at the beach playing with sand and splashing around in the shallow water.

Make a child trip to the beach even more delightful with this pretty silicone beach toys, which include a bucket, a shovel, and 4 sand moulds.

Silicone Beach Bucket Set

13: Floral Personalized Sippy Cup

If you’re looking for a more practical gift this lovely floral print sippy cup is a cool choice that will undoubtedly come in handy.

Always have a drink at hand, be it around the house, or while you are on the move.

The flowers are so pretty so you can bet she’ll be mesmerized with the cute design on this sippy cup.

Floral Personalized Sippy Cup

14: Pastel Wooden Stacking Rings

These stacking rings are great at boosting a child’s fine and gross motor skills, as well as helping them develop better eye-hand coordination.

Children get to learn spatial relationships, such as under and on, which is why this gift is a great learning tool, that doesn’t take up much space and is easy to clean.

Pastel Wooden Stacking Rings

15: Personalized Rainbow Wooden Stacker

This personalized rainbow puzzle is a lovely gift for a one year old.

It will help develop a child’s cognitive and fine-motor skills, foster cooperative play, and will evolve their problem-solving capacities.

Personalized Rainbow Wooden Stacker

16: Silicone Bear Nesting Dolls

I love this next gift! How cute are theses four silicone nesting bears with four layers which stack inside each other?

Not only will they provide hours of educational play, but they will also look fantatsic on a nursery shelf.

Silicone Bear Nesting Dolls

17: Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

To start off a list of first birthday gifts we have found this pretty pastel personalized name wooden puzzle.

The birthday girl is going to have so much fun trying to fit each letter and puzzle piece into the correct slots.

Hours of entertainment are guaranteed.

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

18: Floral 1st Birthday Onesie

For something a little different how about going with one of these beautiful floral wreath-designed onesies?

You can never have too many and this one is just so pretty and feminine.

The baby girl you look adorable, and it doubles as a stunning photo booth prop too!

Floral 1st Birthday Onesie

19: Pink Baby Bloomers

These pink baby bloomers are the perfect fashion accessory for any little fashionista celebrating a first birthday party.

It’s a great photo booth prop in which the birthday girl will look absolutely adorable.

Pink Baby Bloomers

20: Personalized Ceramic Birthday Plate

There’s no better way to celebrate the first birthday than having the pleasure of eating your very own birthday cake on a gorgeous personalized ceramic birthday plate.

It’s a wonderful keepsake and the perfect way to remember such a special birthday.

You really can’t go wrong with this durable handcrafted floral ceramic plate.

Personalized Ceramic Birthday Plate


21: Piggy Bank

It’s never too early to start saving your pennies so how about getting the birthday girl her very own first piggy bank.

This ceramic hand-painted bank is such a wonderful personalized keepsake that will look stunning in her nursery and come in handy to store all those pennies.

Piggy Bank

22: Wooden Puzzle and Balance Toy

If you’re looking for a gift that will help develop the child’s imagination and creativity, take a look at this wonderful wooden woodland animal puzzle and balancing toy.

This set of eco-friendly wooden animals is great for developing fine motor skills and coordination.

Wooden puzzle and Balance Toy

23: Crochet Bunny Doll

This crochet bunny doll will melt your heart and instantly become the birthday girl’s best friend.

You can just imagine all the hours they’ll spend playing together and even snuggling up for a nap.

The pair will be inseparable the second she sets eyes on her loveable bunny!

24: Alphabet Mat

An alphabet mat is a great educational toy that can be used to introduce the letters of the alphabet to a young child.

The purpose of the mat is to match the letters on it with each colorful individual felt one.

It’s a great distraction that will keep her entertained for hours.

Alphabet Mat

25: Rainbow Balance Board

This brightly colored rainbow balance board is a great gift that will help develop the child’s motor skills and agility.

It’s solid and durable and will give the child hours of imaginative play with its contemporary and colorful design.

It can either be used as a rocker or turned upside down and used as a climbing frame. which is a great gift to help strengthen the child’s muscles and coordination.

Rainbow Balance Board


26: Sparkly 1st Birthday Headband

How about treating the birthday girl to her very own piece of bling?

If you’re looking for a beautiful gift that will forever be cherished then this ‘one’ 1st birthday headband is perfect.

Adorned with sparkling stones and it’s a fantastic fashion accessory for the birthday girl to wear on her special day.

Her 1st birthday photos will have some extra dazzle!

Sparkly 1st Birthday Headband

27: Growth Chart

Another fantastic idea for a first birthday gift is this personalized growth chart decorated with stars, suited for children from the age of 1 to 12 years old

It will look beautiful in her bedroom and is a lovely decorative piece.

Personalized Star-Themed Growth Chart

28: Personalized 1st Birthday Cushion

You’ve got to take a look at this sweet personalized little bunny 1st birthday cushion.

It’s such a unique gift that will look amazing placed in her little reading corner or on her bed.

The colors it’s just so pretty that it will blend in with any pastel color palette.

Personalized 1st Birthday Cushion

29: Wooden Engraved Stool

This personalized engraved wooden stool is such a magical gift and another fabulous keepsake.

Personalize it with the birthday girls’ initial and first name to give it its unique status.

It’s a handy gift that can be used on numerous occasions throughout her childhood.

Wooden Engraved Stool

30: Wooden Pull Along Puppy Dog

The birthday girl and this cute little wooden pup a surely going to become the best of friends.

She’ll fall in love with him the second she sets eyes on him and pulling him along by his string and watching his ears flap will bring her so much joy!

This gift is a true classic that without a doubt will be a favorite.

Wooden Pull Along Puppy Dog


31: Wicker Dolls Pram

This beautifully handmade wicker doll pram decorated with pom-poms will blow you away!

The birthday girl is going to love placing her little dolls in it while she wanders around the house and backyard taking them for walks.

It’s going to be so heartwarming seeing her behave in such a material way. She’s had the best teacher.

Wicker Dolls Pram

32: Wooden Blocks

We found another gift that will help develop creativity and imagination.

These fun pastel-colored blocks painted with geometrical shapes are so cool and modern

Hours of play are to be had with them.

Wooden Blocks

33: Teepee Playhouse

Let her imagination go wild with this incredible tepee tent.

It’s the perfect playhouse where she can play her way to her heart’s content.

Included is a soft floor mat, a window with a roller blind, and decorated with a bobble garland.

Teepee Playhouse

34: Superhero Girl Poster

Let her know from an early age that little girls make the best superheroes and have the most awesome superpowers!

This simply illustrated poster is a powerful wall decoration that will not only inspire her as she grows up but will also look fabulous in her bedroom.

Superhero Girl Poster

35: Wooden Rainbow People

To finish off we have this colorful wooden toy that will also help develop her motor skills.

She can play away four hours with this 1st birthday gift, placing the beautifully designed wooden rainbow people in the different slots.

Wooden Rainbow People


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