DIY Tutorial - How to Make R2D2 Cups For Your Star Wars Party

by Jillian Leslie on

Mikie M created this amazing Star Wars Party for her son’s 6th birthday. She made a ton of the decorations herself for the party including these R2D2 cups. That’s right, she designed the labels herself and stuck them on.

Well, people have been contacting her about how she made them, so she generously put together this tutorial and even gave us the labels for you to download. Seriously, Mikie, how generous, thank you!

So for those of you throwing Star Wars parties in the near future, you can make these great R2D2 cups to with very little effort. See for yourself…


  • 12oz white cups with lids
  • 8 ½ x 11 white ink jet labels or white paper and double stick tape (if you use paper and tape, apply the double stick tape to the back of both labels and then apply them as instructed below)
  • Scissors (optional: paper trimmer and/or circle cutter)
  • 5/8 inch circle punch
  • Ink pen or pencil

Step 1 Print Image

  • Print out R2-D2 image on ink jet label or paper. You can download the label here. There are 3 cup labels per sheet.

Step 2 Cut out labels

  • Cut out cup labels using scissors.  You can use a paper trimmer on the sides but the top and bottom are slightly curved to fit the shape of the cup so they need to be cut out by hand. Be sure to cut off the black guide lines.
  • Cut out lid labels with scissors or circle cutter.  If using a circle cutter set it for just under 2 ½ inches.  Be sure to cut off the black guide line.

Step 3 Mark Straw Hole on Lid

  • Place the round lid label on the top of the lid. It should fit in the inner circle of the lid.  Then hold the label in place as you flip over the lid to mark the straw opening.
  • Using a 5/8” circle punch, align the mark in the center of the punch and punch a hole in the label.

Step 4 Apply Lid Label

  • Turn the lid back over and peel the backing off the label. Apply to the top of the lid.  Be sure to line up the 5/8” hole with the straw hole of the lid.

Step 5 Apply Cup Label

  • Remove backing from label and align the top edge of the label just below the top rim of the cup.  Once it is properly aligned press one side down at a time making sure you don’t wrinkle the label.

Step 6 Almost done!

  • Fill cup with Yoda Soda or your favorite Star Wars beverage and apply lid!

Thank you, Mikie, for creating this tutorial for our readers (including the image).  How sweet!

If you haven’t already checked out the photos from Mikie’s Star Wars party, you must. You’ll be blown away. And take a look at the other incredible parties Mikie has added to our site.

Also stay tuned for Mikie’s 2nd Star Wars tutorial, where she shows you how she made these napkin wrap light sabers.



  • no photo

    tennille wrote:

    I was at this party with my daughter, it was incredible! Mikie is so creative and has such an eye for detail. genius!

  • no photo

    Jenny wrote:

    Those cups are amazing! My boys would freak out over them. Thanks for sharing!

  • no photo

    Venus wrote:

    Awesome design! Thanks so much for this post!

  • Arciniega

    Arciniega wrote:

    Hi!, can you tell me, where to but the star wars tablecloths, are amazing! Greetings!

  • no photo

    Mike U wrote:

    My wife sent me on a mission to find the supplies for this project. I found the address labels at Office Depot, but can't find the cups, and I have looked everywhere I know of :(.The link that you posted is for an ebay auction that already ended. Would you have any other suggestions for where to find them?

  • Chelsea K

    Chelsea K wrote:

    I love the r2d2 cups!! where can I find the print out? Thank you!!

  • Chelsea K

    Chelsea K wrote:

    I found the link, sorry about that!

  • Christina P

    Christina P wrote:

    What size cups are these? The link no longer works :(

  • Jillian L

    Jillian L wrote:

    These are 12 oz cups.