DIY Coupon Gift for Dad on Father's Day

by Jillian Leslie on


Here’s a perfect gift for Dad this year! In our “Best Pop” printables collection, we have some coupons we created with a couple of blanks for your kids to write in their own special coupons.


  • Coupon printables (scroll down and you’ll see them)
  • Party circle printables
  • Paper cutter or scissors
  • Circle punch or scissors
  • Mason jar
  • Glue dots, glue, or tape
  • Ribbons

Cut out the coupons using a scissor or paper cutter. Cut out one party circle using scissors or a circle punch. Tape or glue the party circle to the top of the mason jar. (I used a Glue Dot.)


Stuff the mason jar with your Dad’s favorite candy and with the coupons.

Tie with a pretty ribbons or two!


Hope your dad enjoys it!!


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