Check out the Most 13 Amazing Drive-By Birthday Party Supplies!

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To help you plan the best car parade party for your little one we’ve rounded up the 13 best drive-by birthday party supplies!

Drive-by parties have now become a trend during these odd times. Who could have guessed?

Check out the Most Amazing Drive-By Party Supplies!

We’ve got so many awesome ideas, such as a digital party invitation, a drive-by cake topper, a fun virus garland, some drive-by party signs and so much more.

Get ready to honk your horn!

Check out the Most Amazing 13 Drive-By Birthday Party Supplies!

1: Drive by Birthday Parade Printable Invitation

The first thing you need to do when planning a birthday car parade is to get those invitations out!

We’ve found the perfect one for you that oozes cuteness and will get all your family and friends in the mood.


Drive by Birthday Parade Printable Invitation

2: Drive by Birthday Parade Digital Invitation

If it’s easier for you to send out a digital party invitation then we’ve got you covered too.

This invitation has everything you need and will surely be a hit with your family and friends.

3: Drive-By Birthday Cake Topper

We seem to have all become bakers throughout this ordeal so how about putting your talent to the test and bake the birthday cake yourself?!

Finish it off with this fun drive-by topper in either a boy or girl topper and you’re good to go!

Drive-By Birthday Cake Topper

4: Drive-By Cupcake Toppers

You can’t have a party without cupcakes, right? So decorate yours with these cool party parade toppers that celebrate your drive-by birthday party!

You can even place them individually in cupcake boxes and leave them out for guests to take home with them.

Drive-By Cupcakes

5: Coronavirus Banner

Decorate your wall with this fun colorful virus banner.

I love that each one is wearing a mask and some have party hats!

Virus Banner

6: Quarantine Chalkboard 1st Birthday Poster

Chalkboard posters are a great party decoration and a wonderful keepsake that you are going to want to have marking a 2020 birthday party!

It’s an excellent opportunity to write down all the milestone moments in your child’s life.

Quarantine Chalkboard 1st Birthday Poster


7: ‘Beep Shout Honk Wave’ Party Sign

The ultimate drive-by party decoration is, without a doubt, the sign you’re going to place out on your lawn letting.

Let everyone know that a special little girl or boy lives there and that they are requested to beep, shout, honk and wave!

Beep Shout Honk Wave' Party Sign

8: Drive-By Parking for Gifts and Cards Sign

Your family and friends are going to want to do a quick stop to drop off cards and gifts (maybe in a designated box).

So set up a parking area with this cool parking sign!

Drive-By Parking for Gifts and Cards Sign

9: ‘Grab a Treat’ Thank You Sign

Next to your cards and gift box don’t forget to place another full of goodies for your family and friends.

Mark the spot with this colorful sign!

10: Drive-By Party Favor Tags

Show your appreciation and add one of these sweet stickers to your party favors.

They are so pretty and are a great way to show some love.


11: Quarantine 1st Birthday T-Shirt

If your child is turning one then this t-shirt is just what they need to mark the event.

It also makes for a great keepsake that you are going to want to save.

Quarantine 1st Birthday T-Shirt

12: Indoor Party Activity – Scavenger Hunt

Even though your child won’t be able to have a party activity with their guests, your family can always have a good time with an indoor scavenger hunt.

This printable is all you need to get started.

Indoor Party Activity - Scavenger Hunt

13: Quarantine Party Photo Booth Props

To finish off our list fantastic drive-by party supplies we have these cool photo booth props.

You can bet the photos are going to be memorable!

Quarantine Party Photo Booth Props


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