Unicorn Pink Shimmer Glitter Dust™ Edible Glitter For Drinks, Cocktails, Beer, Garnish Glitter & Beverages - Food-Grade FDA Compliant

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Product Info

Unicorn Pink Color Reveal Shimmer Glitter Dust™ for Drinks contain FDA COMPLIANT mica powder pigments and FDA COMPLIANT colors. Not only is our Shimmer Glitter Dust™ safe to drink, but is also Kosher Certified. Add edible glitter to cocktail drinks to add some sparkle for instant drinkable wow factor. Shimmer Glitter Dust™ is easy to use, just add a little to your favorite beverage, mix it with cotton candy bombs, tea, cocktail syrups, juices, liqueurs, mocktails, liquors or spirits, or keg the glitter in large production beverage.

Our edible dusts & glitters to make beverage shine, glitter, shimmer, and even swirl!

- Colors magically appear when they get wet! Great for Gender Reveals, Drinking Games & Potion Making!
- Shimmer Glitter Dust™ by Signature Drink Lab Edible Glitter For Drinks, Cocktails, Beer, Drink Garnish & Beverages
- KOSHER Certified
- 100% Edible & Food Grade, Vegan, Gluten & Nut Free
- Available in Sample Size of 0.5 Grams, 3 Gram Containers w/Sifter, 5 Gram Pot w/ Reclosabe Lid, 25 Gram Bulk Jar & Pounds.

The FDA has approved all of the ingredients we used in our edible glitters & edible dusts based on the FDA approved ingredients & usage levels.

FAST SHIPPING: All Shimmer Glitter Orders are shipped within 24 Hours From Our St. Louis FDA Registered Food Manufacturing Facility. Please note the standard first class mail is not GUARANTEE and may take up to 7-10 days to deliver. If you need this faster, please choose PRIORITY MAIL or EXPRESS.

If you order before 2pm CST and select EXPRESS MAIL OVERNIGHT your order will ship out same day.


Shimmer Glitter Dust™ is a product manufactured by Signature Drink Lab™. Signature Drink Lab™ and Sugar Art Supply™ are owned by Never Forgotten Designs™, all rights reserved.