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Minecraft Birthday Party

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Party Recap

This was a pixelated minecraft theme party for my 7 year old son. I decided to design the banner similar to the minecraft logo, but with the different textures in all of the letters. Finding food for the party was so easy, since the game has such a variety of food, such as chicken nuggets for cooked chicken, yellow apples for golden apples, brownies for dirt blocks and I used gushers as gemstones. His birthday is around Christmas, so it was easy to find candy coal for that as well. We also had a nether portal doorway that transported kids from the dining room to the kitchen where the lunch was. To keep the kids entertained, we had a variety of official Minecraft swords, pick axes, and heads for them to wear and run around the yard pretending to play Minecraft, but in real life. I also printed up some Perler bead templates for the kids to make their own keychains and other artwork. He wanted a grass block cake, and for the topper we had a bundle of dynamite, that was made from regular store candles taped together. For the favors, the kids got to take home cups filled with Minecraft bracelets, their perler bead creations, candy and a dynamite wrapped party poppers.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Cooked chicken" (chicken nuggest), Pizza with pepperoni pizza faces, Golden apples, watermelon, and fruit gushers that looked like gemstones.

  • Desserts

    Grass block cake with dynamite candles

  • Party Favors

    Perler beads craft to take home, candy, minecraft favor cup, TNT poppers

  • Activities / Games

    Minecraft toys like a pick axe, swords and cardboard faces were used to pretend to play minecraft in real life. They also did perler bead crafts with the templates I created.


Party Helpers


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