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Paper Dot Party Spot By Paper Dot Party Spot

Product Info

This is a super fun, beautiful, whimsical and inexpensive way to dress up a Minecraft birthday party. These garlands and lightweight and easy to hang with masking tape. You will have your plain space transformed into a party in no time!


The garlands are made from 65 lb. card stock in green, light lime, dark lime, tan, and dark brown.

Each square measures approximately 1.5" and the squares are sewn together with strong white thread.

Each strand of garland has about a foot of thread on each end so you can either tape the end to a wall or can tie the end to something.

Garlands look great draped horizontally against a wall, or vertically hung from either the ceiling or wall.

Garlands make a great backdrop for a food table, gift table or photo booth.


Choose the set that works best for your event from the pull-down menu. Here are some tips to help choose:

- Three 4-foot strands work well for a small backdrop behind a food table or draped across the front of the table.

- Four 6-foot strands work well draped from the ceiling corners of a room to a middle focal point, to a hanging light over the kitchen table, for example. You can also hang them vertically behind a large food table.

- Four 8-foot strands work well draped from the ceiling (like above with the 6-foot strands), but is better for a bigger room. Or you can use them draped against the walls.

- One 15-foot strand (or purchase several) is nice for draping all over the room for a well-decorated look. You can also cut them into different lengths and hang them vertically from the ceiling for a fun look.

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