Square Party Garland Decoration with Glitter, Video Game Birthday Decoration, Minecraft Party Garland

Paper Dot Party Spot By Paper Dot Party Spot

Product Info

This is a super fun, beautiful, whimsical and inexpensive way to dress up a Minecraft party. These 1.7" squares have been sewn together with strong, quality thread. Choose your length and the number you need from the pull-down menu to fill up the space you need to decorate. Message me if you would like me to set up a private listing for you.

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The pictures in this listing shows three 6-foot strands hung back and forth across a 3 ft. space against a wall. To get this look, you would order 3 strands.

Item Overview

- Garlands are made from 65lb cardstock (about 3X the thickness of regular paper).

- The black squares and darkest green squares are cut from glitter cardstock and are double-sided (two glitter squares sewn back to back) so you get sparkle on both sides as they twirl.

- Garlands are sewn with strong quality thread.

- Squares measure approximately 1.7".

How to Order

- use the length menu to select the garland length you would like. Use this guide to determine length:

4-foot strands work well for a smaller space as a food table backdrop, across a fireplace mantel, hanging from the ceiling, as a virtual backdrop

6-foot strands can be hung as a backdrop or draped across a wall or ceiling.

10-foot and 15-foot strands are long enough to drape from ceiling corner to ceiling corner of a room. They can also be cut apart into smaller pieces for hanging however you like.