Party Recap

Ezra had requested a MInecraft party since last year & he was so excited when it came true.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Fried chicken, pasta, baked potato, burger

  • What People Drank

    Chocolate milk, soft drink

  • Desserts

    Grass block mini cakes, minecraft mini cakes, cookies, Hershey Kisses as diamond, Silver Queen chocolate bar as gold, jelly candy in little boxes as TNT

  • Party Favors

    - Personalized tin box - Hama beads keychain in Steve, pig, sheep, Creeper & Enderman head shape - Cookies - Silver Queen chocolate bar as gold - Jelly candy in little boxes as TNT - Milo chocolate milk with Creeper face sticker



  • no photo

    Vilma R wrote:

    How or where did you get that big poster?

  • Phani M

    Phani M wrote:

    I love this box idea. Where did you get them from? Thanks! My email is [email protected].

  • no photo

    Briana H wrote:

    Wow you did an amazing job on your son's party! Can you tell me how you did the big poster in the background and where did you get your personalized tins? I Look forward to hearing from you!

  • no photo

    Grisel S wrote:

    Love the box idea! Where can I get them? My email is [email protected]. Thanks

  • no photo

    Elvira G wrote:

    What an amazing job with the party, where did you get the tin cans!

  • no photo

    Andrea P wrote:

    Where did you get the backdrop?

  • no photo

    Monika G wrote:

    Could you please tell where you got the labels. [email protected]

  • no photo

    Michele A wrote:

    Hi, Can you tell me where you got the aluminum boxes from and the favors inside? It came out so nice! My e- mail is [email protected]

  • no photo

    Circle B Events wrote:

    Yes I love the large poster backdrop and also the personalized boxes. Could you tell me where you got them? [email protected]

  • Maria L

    Maria L wrote:

    Where did you purchase the tin boxes??!! I love them! Please email me info @ [email protected] my 9 year old girl loves minecraft. Thank you

  • Karen U

    Karen U wrote:

    party looked amazing! loved the details, I'm also interested in the tin boxes & the big poster. if you don't mind sharing... where did you purchase them and did you get them personalized yourself? [email protected]

  • Tiffany B

    Tiffany B wrote:

    Where did you get the backdrop. Pls email me [email protected] thanks

  • no photo

    Pete F wrote:

    Just wondering where you got the personalized tin boxes. If you can email me the information it would be much appreciated. [email protected]

  • no photo

    Katina F wrote:

    Has anyone received an answer of where the backdrop was purchased?

  • no photo

    Katina F wrote:

    Please email me this information as well [email protected]

  • no photo

    Katina F wrote:

    Can you email me about the box ideas also [email protected]