Brave One, Wild and Three, Five and Alive!

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Party Recap

Our three children have birthdays within one month of each other, so we throw one party for all of them and celebrate with our extended families! The party was based on the theme: “Brave One, Wild & Three, Five & Alive. Can you guess what ages our kids were celebrating?! We had tons of fun with wild party animals of the woodland variety. I love working with my hands while being frugal and resourceful. The decor was handmade, gathered from the woods, and/or borrowed from local friends!

Kid-friendly decor included stuffed animal woodland creatures, twig numbers 1, 3, & 5, tree puzzle, wild animal books, birch stumps, pinecones, evergreens, birch tree wall art. Food and decor were featured on wood disk chargers and wooden bowls. The bathroom transformed into the “outhouse”! Arrows lined the walkway to the front door: “Party Animals” and “Welcome forest friends”.

We enjoyed appetizers topped off later with cupcakes!

The kids enjoyed the party prepping process. They made an awesome birch tree wall art out of a giant sturdy cardboard box. Little did we know that this would become the featured living room artwork for years to come! They made twig collages of numbers 1, 3, & 5, respectively, as well as delicious trail mix party favors “Happy trails!” They also love to make “ants on a log”, which was one of the appetizers.

We are blessed that our extended families enjoy spending time together and lavish their love on our children from the bottom of their hearts. We visited, ate appetizers, opened gifts, sang "Happy Birthday", ate cupcakes, and had a photo booth (these pictures get developed for the thank you cards after the party)! Low key, family time. Photo credits to my husband!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Fox veggie tray with hummus, Ants on a Log, Wild Berry Smoothies, Hedgehog Cheeseball, Sticks and Twigs (pretzels), Fierce Bites (energy bites)

  • What People Drank

    "Morning dew” (water with lime and lemon slices)

  • Desserts

    Moss-covered coconut-lime cupcakes, Chocolate mini muffins

  • Party Favors

    Happy Trails Mix Also, my husband designed cute party animal invites using our kids’ as the animals. “Calling all party animals! Join us for an adventure!”

  • Activities / Games

    Guess that wild animal!, tree puzzle, forest animal picture books, guest “log in” clipboard, dance charades


Party Helpers

  • Andrew


    Photo credits to my husband!


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