TRENDS: Birthday Boy Outfits

by Jillian Leslie on

I featured some adorable birthday girl outfits, but clothes aren't just for girls. As promised, here are some fabulous birthday boys in their cool birthday duds. I love showing these off!

Shalimar M's Kailan's Sesame Street Celebration

Allison T's Happy 1st Birdie Par-Tee

Melissa T's Ethan's Lightning McQueen 3rd Birthday

Fran V's Nino's 4th Birthday Shark Party

Kelly S's David's 1st Birthday

Dawn S's De Plane! De Plane!

Christina A's Jayden's 1st Birthday

Serendipity's A Trip to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Jessica R's Hendrix's First Birthday

Abigail B's Space... The Final Frontier

Nicole L's Parker's 3rd Birthday

Nichole M's Disney Cars Double Birthday

Susan H's Jake's 6th Birthday Party

Lisa W's Kyle's Magic Birthday Party

Not only do the clothes make the man, but in these cases, the clothes make the party (or at least help)!



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    Dawn @Little ONE Boutique wrote:

    Very cute and handsome little men! Love! I have a ton of super cute birthday shirts especially for boys in my shop! www,

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    Shalimar wrote:

    goodness! i LOVE all the outfits! sometimes it's a little tougher to get cute outfits for boys (and have them cooperate with wearing them), but you ladies knocked it out of the park! you guys are super creative moms! thanks for the inspiration...

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    Not Just A Mommy! wrote:

    What a fabulous roundup! Thanks for including our little fighter pilot!