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Gumball Necklace DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Gumball Necklace DIY |

I'm excited to announce our new blog contributors, Kristen and Missy from Sweetly Chic Events & Designs, who came up with this beautiful gumball necklace craft I can't wait to share. So take it away, ladies...

Gumball candy necklaces are a fun and fashionable new trend that are sure to make a sweet statement! This new take on your typical candy necklace is a quick and easy option for your next party favor, easy gift, or as a simple craft project.

  • K&K design works
  •  A Sweet Celebration - Wrap It Up, LLC
  • Cuddle Sleep Dream
  • Deezee Designs
  • Your Blissful Day
  • MKKM Designs
  • LabelsRus
  • Ellison Reed
  • Via Blossom

It's Pool Party Time!

by Jillian Leslie on

Believe it or not, here in LA, we've had one of the coldest summers on record.  This week, however, the weather has changed and it's starting to get hot!

So in honor of good weather, here are some of my favorite pool party ideas from Etsy.

  • Wholesale dress up
  • Mujka Design Inc.