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Egg Bread Hot Dog Bun Recipe

by Jillian Leslie on

Homemade egg bread hot dog bun recipe |

We were asked by Hebrew National to come up with a recipe that would take our summer hot dog grilling to a whole new level. We came up with this egg bread hot dog bun recipe to give our Hebrew National hot dogs even more depth and flavor.

These buns are rich and eggy, and hold up nicely to the salty, smokiness, of the hot dog. They've got a crunchy exterior and a soft interior, and feel much more substantial (plus, much tastier) than buns you buy at the store.

{RECIPE} "No Knead" Bread

by Jillian Leslie on

Have you heard of "no knead" bread? It is the easiest bread to make because there's virtually no work involved. You mix the four ingredients together and let the dough rise for 12-24 hours, fold it up, put it in a hot hot hot dutch oven for 45 minutes, and you've got delicious bread.

We discovered "no knead" bread on the Mark Bittman iPhone app, "How to Cook Everything." This app is a lifesaver because you can look up ingredients for recipes on your phone while shopping at the supermarket. And seriously, with this app, you can cook everything.

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