What to Give the Cat Who Hates Everything!

by Jillian Leslie on

Grumpy Cat Gift Ideas | CatchMyParty.com

Grumpy Cat’s 2nd birthday is in 5 days! Given that she is probably hating it, here are some ways you can celebrate instead.

1) Make a Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft

Cubeecrafts are paper toys you fold and create yourself. They have interlocking tabs to hold them together, so there’s no need for tape or glue.

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft Printable | CatchMyParty.com

To make your own Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft, download the Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft template here, then add your own unique speech bubble and give it to your least favorite friend! (This awesome cubeecraft was designed for us by Kelter at BadCat Design.)

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft Printable | CatchMyParty.com

2) Try on a Grumpy Cat Temporary Tattoo

Show some grumpy love by wearing a Grumpy Cat tattoo.

Grumpy Cat Free Temporary Tattoos | CatchMyParty.com

To make yours, just purchase this temporary tattoo printer paper, then download this page of Grumpy Cat temporary tattoos and print them out. Affix with water like a regular temporary tattoo. Then get your grump on!

Grumpy Cat Free Temporary Tattoos | CatchMyParty.com

Well, hopefully now you have enough ideas, including our Grumpy Cat party food ideas, so you can party like the grumpy girl herself.

Grumpy Cat Cubeecraft | CatchMyParty.com

Grumpy Cat Temporary Tattoo | CatchMyParty.com


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