Cheese Wedge Mice DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Cheese wedge mice DIY |

We created these cheese mice for our post about what to serve at Grumpy Cat’s 2nd birthday. These cheese wedges are super cute, super kid-friendly, and super easy to do!


  • Laughing Cow cheese wedges (we used cheddar flavor)
  • Oblong cracker
  • Dried blueberries
  • Dried apricots
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Chives

Cheese wedge mice DIY |


Place your cheese wedge on a cracker. Add two dried blueberries for eyes. Insert two large sunflower seeds for ears. Slice a small piece of dried apricot for a nose. Slide a piece of chive about 3 inches long in the back of the wedge for a tail. Voila!

Cheese wedge mice DIY |


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  • Printabelle

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    So cute and yummy, too!