The Perfect Party Favor DIY Necklace Love

'COLORME' Art Spa By 'COLORME' Art Spa

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Do you often struggle with finding the perfect craft activity for birthday parties?

You want a craft that...

The kids have fun creating,
Is durable and made to last,
Usable Necklace or backpack tag
Won't break on the way home
It's the take home & thank you gift.

COLORME has the perfect solution!

A Handmade DIY Shrink Plastic Necklace

Many themes to choose from. Don't see your theme? Contact me,
[email protected]
I'll create it!

Handmade - made to order.
Color and bake!
Kit comes complete with directions, string, beads and super glue.
COLORME Postcard included!

FREE Domestic Shipping

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