Custom Wedding Set Wine Burgundy Slate Dusty Blue Sola Wood and Dried Flowers Faux Greenery Lambs Ear Bridal Bridesmaid Bouquet Style 96

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💐1st photo is Large Teardrop/Cascade, Small Bridesmaid in Regular shape, Regular Bridesmaid in Regularshape. 2nd Photo is the large Cascade.
3rd photo is large Bridesmaid in Regular shape

Flowers are uniquely made of Wood Shavings and Fillers are Dried and Preserved. These arrangements last forever! A Realistic, beautiful and unique alternative to real flowers!
I am usually booked out around 3 months. I suggest ordering 5-6 months before your wedding so you receive at least 2 months before your wedding.

-12 Loose flowers are un-stemmed flowers
-12 Cake Flowers have short stems for arranging
Centerpiece Bouquet Sizes:
XS: is about 5" and for a mini arrangement for small vase or Pint sized Mason
Small is about 7" across and perfect for small 5-6" vase or Pint sized Mason
Medium is about 8" across and perfect for a Medium 7-8" vase or Quart Mason Jar
Large is about 9" across and perfect for a 9" vase