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Quincy , United States

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Terrariums, concrete and wooden planters
Wooden Boxes
Sola Bouquets

Welcome to our shop! My name is Natasha Slate. I am a creator, designer and enterpenuer. My passion has always been art. From painting to photography to crocheting and more! You will notice I offer a wide variety of custom items! Once something strikes my interest I have to create it!
I started making Jewelry about ten years ago. I sold at local craft fairs and opened my etsy
shop in 2012...
How my business boomed..
I married my best friend June of 2013! I literally created my entire wedding (if I could have been my own photographer I would have! ) I made everything from my 3 tier cake, all the floral, hand made d├ęcor, succulent favors, table runners..the list goes on!! I was busy! But I has so happy to create and plan my own wedding.
After the wedding I listed a few things I had made on my Etsy shop and since sells skyrocketed! Most of my items are derived from our handmade wedding decor!

My husband, David Slate, has recently been able to join me! He is creating and designing wooden boxes, succulent gardens, terrariums, planters and much more to come!!

Enjoy!! Let me know if you have any questions!