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Vintage Cars Radiator Springs Birthday Party

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Party Recap

My son Max is absolutely all boy and with him being all boy, he is obsessed with cars. All cars, but he really has a soft spot for the Disney Cars and he loves “Radiator Springs”. After talking with Lindsey from The Blue Egg Events, we decided we needed to go all out vintage and just focus on the town itself and not the race.
I took Max’s Tow Mater car into Home Depot and bought some paint to match the colors of his truck. I then painted everything I could to match. I painted (and made) a cupcake stand, cake pop stands, picture frames for food labels and of course the letters to spell MAX. I also used a lot of burlap. I hand stitched burlap together with red thread for the dessert table. I wanted the red to pop on the table, like Lightning McQueen. I wrapped old jars with jute twine and filled them with bright yellow daffodils.
I wanted the cake to look simple with just some tinted frosting. No fancy piping. I just spread it on they way my mom used to. Perfect! The editable cookie and cake labels made by The Blue Egg Events were a huge hit. They tied the whole Radiator Springs into the party without looking so commercialized.
Evie and Mallow made the most adorable cake pops. I placed them in some old painted soup cans and some diamond plated boxes. I put some brown sugar down to represent the desert sand. Miss Sweet Sends made the fondant cupcake toppers. Again they were adorable and tied in perfectly with Radiator Springs.
For the party favors, I kept the packaging simple by just using a brown paper bag. In the bag was a handmade soap tire by Favor Boutique by Angelique. I also included a homemade cupcake stored in an upside down Mason jar (inspiration here). I closed the bag with a painted clothes pin and a Radiator Springs sign made by The Blue Egg Events.Besides the love of all the creative sweets and printables for this party, my two favorite things were the soup cans on the cake and then of course my big Tow Mater sign. Lucky for me I know a lot of guys who have power tools and old tires lying around! Cachow!”


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  • Melissa N

    Melissa N wrote:

    Fabulous party!

  • Lauren J

    Lauren J wrote:

    Is this the Bday boys t shirt? I love it, where did you find it?

  • Rachel O

    Rachel O wrote:

    Hi Lauren! I own "golden" and made Max's tee!

  • Rachel O

    Rachel O wrote:

    you complete me. :)-

  • no photo

    Juana F wrote:

  • no photo

    Kathy D wrote:

    Where did the printed shirt come from and are all the printed elements edible that are part of the food/sweet/treats?

  • Stephanie O

    Stephanie O wrote:

    I don't suppose you'd be willing to sell that Tow Mater sign? :)

  • Nikka M

    Nikka M wrote:

    Hi, you are right, I do not want to sell it!