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River's Enchanted FOURest

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Party Recap

Deciding on this year's party theme was a little bit tricky. I was trying to come up with something that tied into River turning 4. At first I was really liking the idea of a camping theme, but didn't think I could make cute flannel decor work on a hot July day in the south. That is when I started thinking more of doing indoor camping.
On top of struggling to come up with a theme, we were in quarantine! I really like to make most of the decorations for her parties, but that was going to be hard since every store was closed! I basically had holiday decorations and left over birthday party stuff from previous years to work with.
Finally when I realized I could use the number four in the word forest, things started to take shape. I was able to use Christmas, Fall, Easter, and some everyday decorations I had around the house to create her enchanted forest. I even snuck in a few of her woodland stuffed animals!
I still was stuck on the camping idea at this point, so I decided to rent some little A-frame tents from a local party place. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the night in an enchanted forest!?! From there I wanted it to feel like they were really sleeping I added lots of sparkly stars to the ceiling, and I hung a big shiny moon and fluffy glittery clouds. I placed hand drawn lightning bugs all over the windows, there were also birds sitting in the trees, butterflies hanging from the ceiling, and a few bumblebees and dragonflies too. I also really wanted them to have a campfire, so I created one with sticks from the yard, stones from our landscaping, leftover tulle from last year's party, some Christmas lights, and a whole bunch of glitter! Next I built giant toadstools out of cardboard boxes my husband would bring home for me from work.
I decided to decorate her cake myself this year, so I got to work on making all the tiny decorations for that. I ended up teaching myself how to use polymer clay, and I made her little mushrooms for the cake. My mom made tiny acorn cookies to go with the theme, and I made cupcakes with edible butterflies and of course shimmer!
We ended the night by painting the tiny birdhouse they got in there favor bags, and then filling tiny glass bottles with sand art to make pixie dust!
Everyone also got a special paper butterfly to take home with them. The paper is embedded with wildflower seeds, so when they plant it they can grow beautiful wildflowers.
Even though I wasn't able to really run to the store to buy party supplies this year, I was still able to throw a pretty magical birthday party for one special little girl!


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Edible Butterfly Cupcakes Acorn Cookies Toadstool Cake Forest Berries Bunny Shaped Cheese Crackers

  • What People Drank

    Fairy Punch

  • Desserts

    Edible Butterfly Cupcakes Acorn Cookies Toadstool Cake

  • Party Favors

    Tiny Birdhouses Glass Pixie Dust Jars Floral Crowns Butterflies That Can Be Planted To Turn Into Wildflowers

  • Activities / Games

    Painting Birdhouses Making Pixie Dust


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