Party Recap


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Crepes from Crepes Bonaparte, hand made mini baguette sandwiches, choices of Brie and arugula, prosciutto and butter and and tuna salad to accommodate picky eaters.

  • What People Drank

    Kids got their choice of lemonades, including sparkling French pink lemonade and lavender lemonade, while adults sipped on prosecco and enjoyed rosé all day!!!

  • Desserts

    A colorful candy bar was spread out along with dozens of cupcakes and lots and lots of macarons!!!!!

  • Activities / Games

    Both children and parents had a marvelous time creating their own custom perfumes by combining essential oils and after got a kick out of designing their very own berets to take home as well. The kids loved the French themed scavenger hunt we created for them and our very own version of horseshoes with ring around the Eiffel Tower. As if that wasn't enough fun the kids loved the DIY photo booth. They had an easier time with it than the adults. We used the cannon selphy 1200 photo printer that had a wireless connection to the iPad we mounted on a tripod and voila! Happy to know we invested the money on the printer that we can use over and over again and not a one time rental. Kids were sent home with all their candies and goodies along with little mini Paris purses, and adorable macaron ceramic boxes. Boys got toy Vespas. Everyone had a ball!


Party Helpers

  • Party Host Helpers


    We use this company religiously, from big events like this one to a 12 person dinner party. It is so nice to have people make sure everything is being taken care of and helping with clean up at the end so we can actually enjoy the party!


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