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“Oh the places you will go”

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Party Recap

A graduation is always a life milestone. It is time to look ahead with excitement about the future and happiness for the friends we made, the things we learned and how much we have changed during this journey.
When Gianna’s mother asked me to produce her daughter’s graduation party for 120 people in two weeks, I was super happy but I knew time would be a constraint. In one week, I immersed myself in this beautiful girl’s universe – she is a rock star approved by two top colleges while she also embraces a dancing career as a professional ballerina.
In this party that we produced for a beautiful ballerina girl, we put together the theme “Oh the places she will go”. Candies were dressed as suite cases, hot air balloons, clouds and of course ballerinas, creating this beautiful atmosphere of dreams, happiness and family love.
I visited my customer’s house and she looked a little skeptical when I said that we did not need to rent any furniture – we would use what she had at home to accommodate the dessert table and decorations. – I like to use all the possible resources that my customers have at the party venue or at their houses. I believe the fact that I do not follow standards brings more charm to my celebrations!
Together with my dear Lili from @liliclasdesign we created a special project. Based on our color pallet - light pink, yellow and blue – and inspired by one of the decorations pieces, Lili created the visual identity for the event. The elements were delicate hot air balloons and a special monogram. She made a wonderful world map that showed all the possibilities that are waiting for this special girl who is about to conquer a new world. Lili also made two little 3D balloons, and many lantern balloon with flower baskets and pink flags with gold details for the guests’ tables. I love to work with Lili because she sees the event as a whole and she matches the visual identity with the candies and other décor items.
My customer also wanted to bring the dance and ballet themes, her daughter’s passion, to the décor. In order to bring that, we made chocolate ballerina truffles, each one of them with different facial expressions and pretending to perform ballet movements. Their kids’ faces, reminded this young woman that she should keep her childhood memories and dreams alive.
We also created a photo booth with personalized props. On top of that, we put together a customized place with cards and stamps, so each guest could write a message of wisdom for the graduating girl.
Little suitcases were honey loafs with Nutella. The small hot air balloons were vanilla cakepops. Clouds macarons were the cutest ever. Vanilla cookies had the world map, suitcases and hot air balloons designs.
Time flies... One day they are so little in our arms and like magic, they are walking, talking and going to College! Yes, life is all about changes and being in all the places that you never have imagined is part of this journey. Let’s take the chance: Dreams do come true!


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