Party Recap

Both of my sons love Ninjago. I actually did a Ninjago themed party for my oldest 2 years ago, so when my youngest requested it too, I had to figure out a way to make it little different. We focused on Kai, the red ninja because that's his favorite, and took inspiration from that color and went from there. I went pretty simple as far as the dessert choices this time just because of time constraints, but tried to go a bit more dramatic on the backdrop. Hope you enjoy! :)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Desserts included cake, cupcakes, Ninjago Kai and Sensei Wu Cookie pops, and apple Cinnamon egg rolls.

  • Party Favors

    Ninjago T Shirts, Ninja Swords, and chinese takeout boxes with treats.



  • Debbie M

    Debbie M wrote:

    we r having a ninjago party this week, love your backdrop!!! can u go into a lil more detail about how u did this also, where did you get the enlarged printable ninjago on the board? thanks so much!

  • Sugar Bites D

    Sugar Bites D wrote:

    Hi Debbie! I'm so sorry I hope this isn't too late, but I just saw this:(. The enlarged character you see there was actually a cardboard drawing we made and then painted. That was then attached to a plywood backboard covered in red paper and topped with a styrofoam " roof" that I glued border paper on to emulate tile:)